Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just in Time for the Holidays!

Wow! I have gone through some serious blogger withdrawal, but I'm back now and ready for the new year!

I have had so many changes in the last month and a bit that I need to get everyone updated. I haven't been able to without Internet but the Internet is up and running and I can finally get back to writing.

This summer, I made some stupid mistakes, and trusted the wrong person. This wasn't a stranger, or a someone I just met. Not a boyfriend, or a co-worker. This was a close friend of mine who had been a good friend and supportive throughout our friendship. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that things are not always how they seem. I ended up in a bad position financially because of this and when I was at the point where I thought I had no where to turn, and didn't know what to do...I called my mom. I explained everything to her and put it all out there. That I had made some really stupid mistakes and now I was in a position I couldn't get myself out of.

My parents came up to see me and asked me to move home. We discussed that the horses could stay there, I could get a job back home and save money and pay off my debts. I made the decision to do that and the next week my horses were home. I had an interview and got hired in the city by my parents home and quite my job, and moved home the following week. So for the last month I have been adjusting to life at my parents farm with my puppy Broo and enjoying having my horses at home. My parents have a beautiful small barn with a bright cover-all and massive pastures with 20 acre turnout. It really is the perfect private stable, and I know my boys are happy to be here.

The other news I have is about Schaeffer. After a rough few months for him I made the decision to have him euthanized. It was not the easiest decision for me but I know it was the right one. He had a great year with me and spent his last few months on a farm, which really is all any dog ever wants. He was buried under the apple tree on my parents farm where a few of our horses have been laid to rest. It was the hardest, and saddest day of my life, but I will never forget everything Schaeffer taught me.

The last few months have really been a roller coaster for me, but I have learnt so much about life, and myself that I can't say I would really take any of it back. I would love to still have Schaef with me, but I know he is having the time of his life raiding food bowls in the big starry sky. You can sit and admit defeat when times get tough, or you can allow your pride to take a hit and do the right thing. Admitting mistake is half the battle. I haven't only admitted mistake, but I have learnt from it, and I will continue to learn and grow as I experience life.

I'm happy to have my computer back on line, and happy to be back reading my favorite blogs.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Great Axe Ad

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately....but just had to put this up. Reminds me of Fandango...oh so much.

Happy November everyone. Updates soon, Archie has arrived safely ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let Me Share Something With You...

Well, a lot has changed in the last month. I've officially moved into the farm, have a new puppy and finally got one of my two boys moved over. There is even more change though, in the form of a man. Yes, I am not actually a man hater although some of my posts might suggest otherwise lol. I have started dating someone who so far, is a truely amazing person. I want to share something beautiful he wrote for me. I feel like such a lucky girl today.

Walking with stars upon a warm milky way
Sharing passion with fire, a new sunrise, you are like a brand new day
After the storm has settled and trees regrow
Finding their roots for which to bestow
A gift of life and beauty to share in the same
A new sunrise for us, this isn't a game.
Times are a changing so fast and strong,
I know it's with you I am meant to belong
It's written in the stars for all to see
Just how perfect it is- you and me
Climbing no more as the mountain is flat
We reached a Plato, no myth, but fact.

People stop, agasp with awe, energy's swirling above the great Sun,
A life shared together has surely begun.
Together we will rise above and beyond,
Shining so bright to be seen from even the most distant of lands
The space between us is nothing, merely a pond
A stones throw skipping over the water and then you're in my arms.

A life shared with each other is surely the best
Two hearts beating behind the single breast
Of a passion on fire and dreams coming true
Feeling so right, shining bright, living the dream, our favorite colour is blue!
Taking things higher and higher beyond,
The stars have it written, reflecting on the pond.

I will cherish you always and be so true,
I will give you my love and share my soul with you.
I will treat with care and respect beyond,
I am lucky to share with such a strong bond.
Chemistry's magic and fireworks I see, in the incredible energy that is you and me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Horses of Cuba

So, since the weather is being ridiculous right now, I was thinking about my trips to Cuba and
hopefully my trip in the very near future. I thought I would share some pictures of the horses of
Cuba. I actually had a bunch that I took of conformation and all that but one of my Cuban amigos deleted all my pictures. Thank you! LOL

I love the horses down there. They are all small, not quite ponies but little horses with great feet and lots of movement. They are super tough, brave and athletic. I have this dream of starting a farm down there making little event horses and exporting them to the US, Canada and Europe. It would be attached to a bed and breakfast style resort so when people wanted to try one of the horses they could do it in conjunction with their holidays. It would be ultimate horse shopping experience. I think it's a great idea...maybe some day.

This was my horse...he was so lazy

Such a cute eye on him

Me and the trail guide...he's putting my camera on the horn.

Beautiful beaches everywhere...

What a great little guy. I think they would make super kids event mounts.

This next guy is my favorite, hunter anyone?

We had an altercation....he tried to kick me and I tried to punish him with my glare.

Couldn't stay mad for long...what a cutie.

They get along well for a bunch of studs!

This is Fletcher...Alicia was allowed to drive him around for awhile. So much fun.

A horse tied up at the gas station...enjoying the shade

Check out that brand!

My first time in Cuba....our guide let us off on our own.

Paradise anyone?

The mare and foal beside the resort...tied to a rope. They are all tied that way.

She was so beautiful and extremely sweet.

The baby!
Looks like a great life to me ...someday I'll join them.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's That Time Again....

When you are another year older (or in this case me)!

Today is my birthday, going to enjoy it despite the rain. Fingers crossed my boys move to the farm this weekend, what better a birthday present?

I hope you all have a great weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians (myself included)!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week Two - Progress!

Into the second week of work and I am making some serious progress! The fence is completed, and the field cleaned out. I started repairs on my feed room/shed and the shelter is up next. The screen on my camera has broken so I am doing my best with the pictures. I will have to get more of the fencing tonight, it looks great. It is half post and rail, and half wire with boards. Eventually I would like to do entirely post and rail.

Schaeffer gets bored very easily. Rough life he has.

Can you see him staring at me? He's waiting for me to entertain him. The shelter in dire need of repair.

The gate my friend built, not too shabby! Notice one of the many piles of crap removed.

A close up.

Blurry, but totally cleared out now. There is post and rail fencing at the back.

The sunset on the hill. My camera sucks and does not do it justice!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy October ~ Have A Great Weekend!

It's October - my favorite month of the year. I have a lot of work to do - just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh My - What a Mess

Have you ever seen that cartoon? About the messy dog who brings the mess with him everywhere he goes. Apparently it started as a children's book. It's a good description of what I have gotten myself into.

I've been on the farm for a week now and working steadily till sundown once I'm home from work. I have had no time to ride and haven't seen my boys much, but trust me - this is going to be worth it.

I'm going to share some pictures from my first day of work on the farm. When I say mess, I mean MESS. The owners are great people, but they have left their farm in complete disarray and now it is just too far gone for them. I am now the lucky person who gets to turn this mess into something special. Is it going to be an insane amount of work? YES. Is it going to be never ending? Probably. Am I in over my head? Definitely...but thankfully I have some great friends who are helping me along the way.

I have permission to whatever I please with the property and anything on it. So I pretty much have a blank canvas (minus the huge amount of crap everywhere). These pictures are from day one. I didn't start snapping until we had done a bit so it was actually worse when we started. The goal is to make one small paddock into one slightly larger paddock by adjoining two "pens" which are side by side. Repair and rebuild the shelter, cut the grass/weeds/burrs and make it habitable for Fandango.

This is the view from the house. Page-wire fences, long tangling grass.

The shelter, after the tarp was ripped off the walls.

The section dividing the two small fields which will become one. Notice the amazing fencing with particle board and wire.

After all the wire and crap is removed.

Wire, so much wire.

The view of the second half of the field after the wire fence was taken down, along with more crap.

The bathtub which was used as a water trough before. I will probably use this but make a box around it or something.

Tin taken from the fence line which will be re-used on the shelter. All about recycling here!

Wasps nest in the tin. I pulled it off the fence and ran back to the house.

The shelter, roof needs major work and there was tarp screwed on the sides. Worst shelter ever but hey, better than nothing!

Another view of the second half of the field.

So much crap taken out. I don't even know what that is, looks like an ancient ironing board.

Wire wire and more wire.

Random scraps of wood and old straw left out.

Amazing view here, can't wait to shape this place. Already have done so much, will try and get pictures tonight if the rain holds off!!

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