Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!! 2000 Oh 9'

Happy 2009 to everyone! So, I hope everyone had a good 2008. From what I have heard it from a lot of people it wasn't the greatest year. A lot of great people and friends were lost, and it was a really devestating year for the eventing community. Eventing heros were lost and lives were changed forever. I can only hope that SOMETHING will turn around in 2009, or I truely fear for the future of the sport I love. The changes I hope to see aren't only in eventing, there are a lot of things going on that need a push to a new direction.

What better time to put things behind us than the New Year. It seems to help people to have a date or goal in mind that acts as a turning page for the future. I guess that's why they came up with New Years resolutions. The only resolution I have made this year to just keep improving things. 2008 brought me to a place where I finally feel like I am living in the real world and getting somewhere. I hope to keep that going, and really just see where
my career and riding takes me in 2009.

My goals are to get Archie out eventing, and do some training and first level dressage with Fandango. I'm also thinking about taking him out hunting, I think he'd enjoy it and it would be great for his confidence. I'm working PT at a hunting barn now and I absolute LOVE hunting! It is just way too much for Archies' nervous brain and stick legs. Of course the big dreams is to get him to the World Buckskin Championships just for something fun and different, but depending on finances I will have to see about that!

I really REALLY hope that 2009 holds out and isn't too scary economy wise. I'm worried about all those people who are losing jobs and will be in a very scary situation. I'm lucky enough to be in a work field where there will always be a need. I do worry though, the people, the horses, the pets. Things are really out of whack and it's going to take a lot of brains and money to turn this around.

It's not the only thing that needs a turn around, I can't even begin to imagine what the eventing world needs to do to make a change. I have a lot of thoughts on that so I think I'll do a piece on it another time. I'm depressed enough about the loss of the long format, this year is enough to make me want to give up my life long dreams. I'm not going to yet though, I know there are people out there working for the changes we so deeply need.

New Years is a great night for parties, but can you believe that St. Patricks day is the day where the most alcohol is consumed in Canada? Apparently we prefer to celebrate the Irish over the New Year, but I really think it's because it is just too damn cold to be waiting for cabs at 3am. My friends and I were contemplating being illegal cabbies for the night to make some cash, but we got into the champaign and whiskey a little too early! We opted for the closest pub so we wouldn't have to cab it, walking home in -25 with a bottle of the fizz was one of the highlights of my night! There is nothing better than having great friends to ring in the New Year with!

So....good bye 2008, you were quite the roller coaster and brought some great amazing things, but mostly you were a pain in my rear and I all I can say is "don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out"!! Here is to 2009, let it bring us great success and joy!!

In loving memory of:

Zoe t Jacobs, Theodore O'Connor, Frodo Baggins, Call Again Cavalier, Tsunami II, Bishop, Nullabor, Tigger Too, Eight Belles, Moon Man, Direct Merger, The Quiet Man...and anyone I missed who lost their lives - you will be greatly missed, and never forgotten.

pooch pictures taken from poochcafe


  1. Thank you! You have a blog about that right? If it is can you send me an invite possibly?


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