Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's A Blizzard! But the Sun is Lingering at Night...

Yesterday was the first day the sun was not set when I got off work. Yay! I actually managed to get home, and take Shaeffer for a walk while there was still daylight. It wasn't dark until about half way through our walk. It is still freezing here, more so than normal, but at least the daylight hours are showing signs that spring is around the corner!

I prefer walking when there is still daylight, obviously it is safer but it gives me a chance to check out some local guys! I mean, maybe that's kind of lame but let's be serious, when do I have time to go out and meet people? I've seen some fine hotties on my walks with Shaeffer and a nice smile helps melt the chill of the bitter cold.

A snow storm blew in this morning, although it is a bit warmer I can only see white out of my office windows. If I'm lucky I'll get off work early and get to head to see Fandango! Maybe even go for a ride outside...ooh I'm getting excited thinking about it!

He was moved yesterday to a temporary facility until March when he can move to his new stable. He is back at the riding school I got him from, the owner was nice enough to let me bring him in on very short notice. He's living in an outside stall and is happy to have a good place to lay down and lots of hay and water. He is looking pretty rank in my opinion, nothing serious - but luckily I was able to move him on short notice. It's amazing how quickley care can diminish in a month. I will post some pictures later of him from mid december, and then ones I took last night. It breaks my heart that he wasn't getting proper care, and even with me giving him hay and water at night when I went out he still really lost a lot of his condition. I will never understand how some people think that type of thing is ok. I don't want to get into a big thing about it, I just know I am thankful for my amazing friends who let me move him and helped me out with trailering. Thank you guys!

I'm really happy that he will be at a place my best friend works at, so he will keep an eye on him for me and make sure he's behaving, plus it's only 10 minutes from my house. It sure beats the 50 minute drive to where he was before. That means a lot more time for me and the pony, walking the dog, and relaxing. It also means that on days like today - I can still make it out to the barn. It's such a good feeling when something that was stressing you out so bad turns around and actually puts you in a better place. It's a good start to 2009. February is almost here and Cuba is two weeks away....

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