Friday, February 6, 2009

February ~ Find your Fitness ~

I know everybody gets all motivated in January to get fit and change their lifestyle, however I'm choosing February as my motivating month to improve my fitness level for the upcoming year. I'm hoping I will avoid the fade away resolution syndrome that happens when people associate getting healthy with a new years resolution. I'm not looking to lose weight, I consider myself to be in decent shape, but I want to improve on that. I want to look and feel the best I can possible, and in turn become a better rider. I have always ate healthy, but I have cut back on things like pop and munchies. Weather permitting I walk the dog for an hour + a day, plus I try to ride every night. I work at a hunt barn on weekends for 4 hours and get my share of mucking out work out, hay throwing arm workout, and sweeping cardio. I just don't feel it's enough at the moment and would like to sculpt and trim myself into a hard body.
In 2007 I did a lot of modelling, promotional modelling mostly and in the summer in Toronto I was working at the World Fitness and Model Expo. This was NOT the type of modelling convention where you find 6 ft lean beauties, but an Exposition for body builders and fitness models. Talk about a blow to your self-image. These people were RIPPED, tone, not an inch of fat, hell not an inch of skin! Not to mention the the tans. This picture is the Mens bikini contest, these are the boys who were the LEAST muscled up. Hard to believe isn't it! It was an interesting insight into the world of body building. I never want to be that sculpted, but I would like a nice tight package.

I had seen a lot of work-out videos at the Salvation Army, and figured I could head there and pick one up cheap and give it a try. I specifically wanted an 80's style high impact cardio one that would have sweet 80's music and old style Aerobics. My mom used to teach aerobics when I was younger and I was having visions of myself re-living those days of hers. I found the "Jane Fonda Complete Workout". It sure looked 80's enough and was only $.99, what did I have to lose?
I popped the video in Wednesday night since it was too cold to ride (even inside), and took it for a test drive. I knew I would love it instantly. The body suits, the hair, the legwarmers! It was totally my style, and hilarious at that. There is a description of the video work-out on her website:

"Jane Fonda's Complete Workout Fat burning aerobics, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strengthening, shaping, toning and increased flexibility. What more could you want? Few aerobic workouts are as extensive to this degree. Jane Fonda's Complete Workout is a powerful program in one box. For beginners to advanced, you have everything you need to a healthier, well toned, better you.

The complete workout is for all fitness levels. The innovative 30 minute aerobic section combines both low impact and higher intensity movements. Choose one or the other, or alternate between these different moves to create an "interval training" cardiovascular effect - and maximize fat burning! The class can be personalized 4 ways to fit into your busy day! 1.) A 35 MINUTE CLASS WITH AEROBICS AND STRETCH 2.) A 50 MINUTE CLASS WITH UPPER BODY TONING, AEROBICS AND STRETCH 3.) A 55 MINUTE CLASS WITH LOWER BODY TONING, AEROBICS, AND STRETCH 4.) A 70 MINUTE CLASS WITH UPPER AND LOWER BODY TONING, AEROBICS AND STRETCH"

The video was great, I didn't listen to the commentary since I like to use my own music, but there were good angles of all the moves, and honestly, this video is hilarious to try and follow. The moves are random, and you need decent co-ordination to follow it. Click Here to see the stills. I still didn't get a hang of all the moves by the end, but I was laughing the entire video. I worked up a really good sweat, but didn't feel exhausted. I did the cardio and arms workout, and although my arms didn't feel anything that night the next day they were a bit sore so I know it was targeting some good areas.

I think this video will become a regular part of my fitness routine, along with pilates and the everyday things I do. It's convenient and cheap, I refuse to buy a gym membership!

I'm hoping I will become stronger in my core and through my legs, and thus improve my seat, especially for dressage since I will be focusing on that all that spring. Fandango has started getting back into shape since having a month off. Once the snow melts I can incorporate road work to tighten his tendons and improve his stamina - since he blatantly has no endurance. Archie is still off for the winter trying to finish relaxing before spring. He is extremely easy to get into shape being an x racing Thoroughbred. Plus he is such a joy to hack and he much prefers that I have no problem doing road and hill work for hours on him. I hope to get Fandango looking like William here in this picture, he was a little *too* fit for BN eventing in Scotland, but he looks amazing, nice even muscle tone and shape. He felt like a million bucks....until we entered the dressage ring lol.

The Jane Fonda's Complete Workout Video is available at Amazon:

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