Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Boys Are Back in Town!

After a few months of chaos, I finally have both my boys back in the city! My parents brought Fandango and Archie up this weekend and they were taken to their new stables. Archie is not good a good traveller and he was completely sweat out and exhausted after his ride. He went in his new stall and settled well. Fandango on the other hand is as laid back as one gets and handled the drive very well. He settled very well into his new place also.

He is still swollen from the surgery so he isn't doing much at the moment. Enjoying lots of hay and he has his own private round pen beside a field of geldings for turn-out until he is completely healed. Then, he can finally be turned out in a group! His temperament is already significantly different. He has a different look in his eye, more pony like. He sniffs the noses of other horses and doesn't scream or stike out. It's all very strange to me, I'm so use to him being such a noisy, poofed up boy when the horses are around. It's a very positive sign and I could not be happier! The barn he is at now is a small hunter/jumper facility that is in the process of major changes due to new management. It's nice and low key, and my friend works there so I get constant updates on my boy.

Archie is now at a fancy dressage barn. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of it. It's a beautiful facility, with new barns, a nice big arena and outdoor rings. He is allowed as much turn-out as he wants which is ideal for him. He isn't great in a stall for long periods of time. The owner is a great coach from what I've seen, and I am in desperate need of coaching. I haven't had steady lessons since I was eventing in Scotland and I am very excited to finally get back to structure. Ideally I would love to be at an eventing barn, but there is so little quality coaching in my area I want to stick where the gettings good.

Both the boys had their full set of shots, and their teeth checked before they came up. Fandango had his feet done and Archie is getting shoes put on this week. They are all ready to start to get conditioned for the summer! I actually won a personalized conditioning package by Philip Dutton at the Hunt Ball on the weekend but I'm not sure what it entails. Kind of interesting! My first lesson on Archie is next Monday night, I'm excited to see what it will be like!

I should pictures from Fandangos surgery soon also. I will post them as soon I have them! These pics are from last summer, I'll put up some new ones shortly!


  1. Yea!
    Looking forward to hearing your details of your lesson.
    I LLLOOOVE your picture of your hand-gallop in this post!

  2. Thank you! Right now Archie is very scraggly from being roughed off all winter. Gotta work on getting him back to that shape!


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