Friday, May 22, 2009

Balancing Life - Needs, Wants and Some Fun at Somepoint?

I would have to say that I live very differently from most people I know. Whether it's co-workers, friends, family, or people I have just met...there is a noticeable diversity between myself and others. The only possible similarities I see in myself are with a few other horse people, and maybe high powered professionals.

Some people think I am crazy. Some people think my life is a sad case of loneliness and all I need is a good man (see post here). I have actually been referred to as the crazy dog lady more than once, (for the record at the moment I only have one dog!). I had a co-worker comment that any man I date must love animals, I agreed of course when another co-worked walked in and said "she doesn't need a boyfriend, her horse is her boyfriend". While it may have been for a laugh, it's annoying and insulting to be talked about that way simple because a) I'm single, and b) I spend all my time riding and walking my dog, feeding my guinea pigs. That isn't entirely true, I fit some good times in there when necessary.

I have a hard time understanding how many people get home from work and that's that. They sit around and watch TV all night or something. I seriously do NOT know what I would do with my time if I didn't ride. Probably just work out way too much and become a freakishly built chick.
I've just been thinking about it more and more lately, or maybe just noticing it more. Am I abnormal? Do I live the busiest life on any other 25 year old I know? Do I do more in one day that most working adults do in a week? I think the answer is yes. Am I crazy? Quite possibly.

I want to review my typical WEEK day. *Approximate times*

6:00 am: Wake up
7:00 am: Actually get up, take the dog out. Feed the GPigs, feed the dog. Shower, dress...go to work
8:30 am: Work (boo)
4:30 pm: Leave
4:45 pm: Get home. Take the dog out. Feed the dog, feed the Gpigs. Relax for 2 seconds while I talk to my roommate. Change into riding gear.
5:15 pm: Head to barn 1.
5:45 pm: Arrive, ride or do ground work depending on how sore my body is.
7:30 pm: Head to barn 2.
7:45 pm: Arrive, ride etc.
9:30 pm: Head home.
10:00 pm: Home, take the dog for a walk. Do boring housework. Feed the Gpigs.
Sometime after: watch crap reality tv shows like Paradise Hotel or Millionaire Matchmaker for a bit.
Sometime after 11pm: Sleep

Now my typical weekEND

6:00 am: Up, walk the dog. Feed the animals.
7:25 am: Leave for work, don't forget Tim Hortons!
8:00 am: Work until noon.
12:00 pm: Ride horse for client

2:00 pm: Head home
2:30 pm: Home, take the dog out. Maybe change, depending how dirty I got at the barn.
3:00 pm: Head to barn 1

the rest follows a typical work week except I might spend more time at the barn on the weekend.

So, my schedule is packed. I think I have done an O.K job of managing my priorities. Priority #1 is work. Need a good job, to make good money, to be able to afford to have my much loved horses! Priority #2 is riding, making sure my guys are being taken care of. The rest of my priorities are slightly jumbled. I'm sure sleep, and rest should be up there but it tends to fall behind a social life and crap reality tv shows.

I'm trying really hard to not turn into an anti-social weirdo from always spending time working and riding. I've been doing good about making myself get out more and do things when I could just as easily be sleeping or tuning into the Real Housewives of NYC. Sometimes I wake up so tired I want to die, and sometimes by body is so sore from working and riding that I just can't physically ride and will just lunge or free lunge my guys.

It can be a mental fight with myself to say "Hey! It's OK if Fandango has a few days off this week". I know it won't kill him, I have just become so anal over the years of how important consistency and schooling is to have top notch horses. I am trying to let myself be more relaxed and force myself to take at least one day where I don't even go out to the barn. It's not easy for me, I'm over protective and worry all the time about my guys. They are both at places with great care, but I will never feel %100 secure until I have my own farm.

I think it can be difficult to determine how to balance your life when you are young and single and have big ambitions. I know I have to work, there is no question. I also want to get my horses going and when you work a full time job, you do whatever it takes on the side to get there. I am putting my social life last, but I am trying to make it a bit more important to ensure I don't go totally insane.

I would like to blame my need to be constantly on the go on my mother. She has always worked full time and ran her own little stable herself with some help from my step father. She is always going and never quits. Her horses and her home - and her always look great.

I found a cool line of books for the busy girl, I might have to check a couple of them out, specifically this one:

So this weekend I will be working and riding 3 horses a day, but I will be saving some energy for a shindig Saturday night.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. somebody at work said 'I got up early and did a half hor on the Wii'
    my somewhat smug reply was that I got up early and rode my pony up the hills......
    be happy the outdoors is there and you have access to it....or its the Wii for you!!!!

  2. It's so true! The funny thing is last Sunday we actually had a Wii party here...and none of us could move the next day!! My dressage lesson was rough lol


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