Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Night, I Feel the Air is Getting Hot

Wow, what a beautiful night. It finally feels like summer is approaching. They put the Kai-Bosch on the party I was going to so I'm staying in and watching Ghost. I should be sleeping since I work in the morning but there is much cleaning to do, and I need to get it done when I can! While I'm home I'm going to post a video I made of Fandango from a few weeks ago.

This is Fandango's first time EVER jumping a course. He is recovering very well from surgery and is moving to the hunt barn I work weekends at soon. Here he is jumping a small course, he has been under saddle consistently for 3 months. He has had about 4 months of ground work before that to develop muscle and balance. This horse was a complete disaster when I got him. He was "broke", to the point of squeeze means move and pull means stop. That's all you need to know though when you are a pony ridden by a 350lb inbred (ya that's mean but these people thought punching him in the face was the cure for his studdyness - so screw them!).

Anyways, here he is...feel free to critique. My main goal is to get him going forward and straight. The rest will come.

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