Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally...Fandango Has His Debut!!!

***I will have more pictures and video soon, my ex bf had photobucket delete my account so it's lost for now. How someone can take such an important thing as the pictures from Fandango's first show I can't tell you. He needs help and I hope he gets it.*****

Well, it was a bit stressful for a moment, but everything ended up working out and I managed to get Fandango to his first show. I sent my entries in to a local schooling dressage show by e-mail, only to find out they never got my e-mail last minute and I wasn't actually entered! I was pretty bummed as I was very excited to finally be able to take Fandango off the property and see how he would behave. To my luck, my roomate works at the hosting farm on weekends and managed to get me in last minute thanks to a scratch. I was entered in one walk/trot test B (or so I thought), and a walk/trot equitation class. It was a scramble to arrange my ride over as my trailer buddy was having his prom the night before and they weren't expecting to arrive at the show until 11, and now I was riding at 9:50!

Luck was on my side and they got my voicemail I left the night before while prepping Fandango. He gets a lot of baths so he was fine with that, he is known for being the cleanest horse in the barn. Once I started braiding he had this totally unimpressed look in face like lady, what do you think you are doing!! It's bad enough I took his manhood, now he was getting all girlied up. He stood perfectly though and got lots of mints for being such a good guy. I think he looked positively adorable, but I am biased! I used vetroline shampoo mixed with a blonde enhancing shampoo and it really seemed to bring out his gold colour. My roommate kindly cleaned my tack and I left the barn around 11 and headed for bed. I had to work in the morning and make sure I was done in time for the show so I was up at 5 and at the barn by 6:30 to do barn chores before putting Fandangos' braids up and loading the trailer.

The other part of the showing crew arrived around 8:30 and we quickly loaded the trailer and headed to the show. We were lucky as the show was just around the corner, a nice easy trip for Fandangos' first time out. He walked right on the trailer like a seasoned pro. He had never been on a 4 horse but wasn't fazed at all. His trailer buddy John John kept him relaxed and he was very chill once we arrived! I was worried about his first time away, still unsure if his studdyness would come back and he would turn into a beast the minute he saw a mare. He wasn't interested in anything other than the yummy grass we parked in so -whew- what a relief!

I got tacked up quickly and headed to the arena to warm up ( only after Fandango escaped and had a tootle around the property). My coach was there with smoe students so she helped me warm him up and gave me some things to work on with him. I was happy to get some ideas, since all my lessons are on my other horse Archie and they are complete opposites. I rode my test and he was such a good guy. He went right into the ring and didn't look at the white fences, or the judge at all! There was no perimeter to warm up around so I was really, really happy with this. He was very lazy so I was riding really hard, and dying in the heat!! I was very happy with how he went, especially for his first time out.

Shortly after the first test was the walk/trot equitation. This class was a good test to see how he would react with strange horses (including mares) going by and following behind him. We walked, trotted rising, trotted sitting, went across the diagonal and halted. Fandango was right on and looked like a onld packer out there. He won the class and I was ecstatic!!! I took him back the trailer and and untacked him, gave him lots of mints and kisses!!! Then I was told that I my tests were ready for our first class and we got a 63.18%, winning that class also! (I will my post my test when I can)

I was floored. His first show and he came home with 2 red ribbons, behaved himself, and made me very proud. We had a great day, we took Fandango home and I went back to the show to help my trailer buddy. He did very well and was 2nd and 1st in his training level and first level tests. When we got back home we celebrated in great Canadian style, in the barn putting our stuff away...with a few cold brewskies. Onto my lesson tonight...always improving :)

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