Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some Pictures of Mum - First Show of the Season

So, nobody tell my mom, but here are some pictures of her at her first dressage show of the year.

She was showing National First Level, and she won both her classes!! There was a torrential downpour right before she went in the ring. Ace (the mare) did NOT like the puddles one bit, but trooped through it like a good girl.

Her mare is a 6 year old Trakehner/Thoroughbred. She's small at 15.1 hands, but a good size for my mom. She has had her for two years now, this is her third year showing her. It's my mom's second year showing First Level.

So there they are, her next show is this weekend and unfortunately I can't be her groom, no time to make the 2 hr drive to her place :(. I will be cheering from home though, I'm her biggest fan!!

Photos courtesy of Lone Oak Photography(they have been purchased).

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