Friday, July 31, 2009

Cavy Care - A Dream Home for a Guinea Pig

I don't talk much about my pigs (Guinea pigs that is), and I'm not sure why because I really am fond of them. I've had them for about 9 months and have learned a lot about them in that time. I never realized just what great pets they make. They have a similar personality to a horse, and maybe slightly more attitude. Anyways I want to write about the proper way to cage your Cavys (pigs, G-pigs, etc).

When I first was looking into getting some pigs I found the greatest site on the net for Cavy care. The Guinea Pig Cages Forum is the CoTH of the Guinea Pig world.
Guine Pig Cages Forum The greatest thing from this site though is the site it originates from, Guinea Pig Cages . This is where I learnt to build my pigs a palace.

The first and most important thing to determine is the size you need. This is determined by how many pigs you have of course! Much like a horse should have at least 3 acres, pigs need a certain amount of space to be happy also. Here is a great chart from the GP Cages website:

Originally I had 3 pigs so I went for the 13 sq ft cage, however I lost the old girl Annabelle months ago so the other two have the big thing all to themselves. So, what's so great about these "special" cages?

Some highlights:

  • Lots of room = more exercise = healthier pig!

  • Great ventilation.
  • Easy to clean.

  • Move able.

  • Changeable, can be made bigger or smaller or different shapes.

  • More fun for the pigs - more to see and do.

  • Cheap.

  • Easier to see and play with your pigs!

So, what's the deal with these cages? They are made out of shelving cubes and coroplast. Sounds strange right? It is but once you get the idea you can see how sweet these things really are.

Materials Needed to Build a Pig Palace:

  • Cubes; they come in various packages, but you want the ones that are 14" and the inner squares are 1 1/2". Anything bigger can be a danger to the GP. They come complete with connectors and run about $12-$30 a box. I found mine at good ol' Walmart, but most home decor stores have them now
  • Coroplast; the plastic board used to make signs. Comes in all sorts of sizes and colours. Remember you have to be able to bend it so don't choose one that is too wide. I picked up a massive sheet from Home Depot for $5 I think.

  • Cable ties; you need these to add extra security to your cage, the connectors will work but this will make it indestructible!! You can find these at any home hardware or farm store and are under $10 a bag.
  • Extras: Exacto knife, measuring tape, and pliers.

How to Put it all Together

I won't go through the steps since you can click here: and get a great step by step guide.

You have options in making your cages, you can do them open, closed (if you have other animals), or multi level. I made mine open, and it really makes a difference in the ease of feeding and cleaning. Plus I get to see the little fatties easily lazing on their hammocks.

For examples there is a huge gallery of all types of C & C cages here:

So, if you have pigs and are keeping them in a pet store cage, please re consider. Take a night, a bottle of wine and build yours their own pig palace.


  1. Thank you for sharing these tips! I'm sure my folks living in apartments in riverton utah would appreciate reading this.

  2. Love Guinea Pig Cages Forum! I'm so glad I'd found them as my poor guys were living in a little critter cage, they could hardly breath! (I cringe now when I see CL ads and the piggies in those tiny cages :-( ). My guys are in a 2 X 4 with a loft, practically a castle! LOL I love listening and watching them popcorn around in their spacious new digs AND it's so fun decorating! :-) If you're a member there, I need to "friend" you LOL

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