Thursday, July 23, 2009

T-3 Days till' Fandango's Eventing Debut

So only 3 days until the (not so) big event. So far this week the pony has been going really well. Last night I did a short dressage school, and then took him for a canter through the back fields and over a small course of cross-country fences. He jumped everything nicely and was fairly forward at the end. Tonight, since it's been raining all day and I have to ride Arch after, I will probably just do a really good longe school with side reins. It seems to really help his canter and it improves a little each time we work on the longe.

Last night I was asked to do a flat school on the one of the horses going to the event, Joy. She is a little Quarter Horse mare that is used in the school and hunts. She is the farm owners daughters horse. I joked that I really shouldn't be riding the competition. Sadly, my good friend who also boards there was supposed to be going but his horse turned up with some bad bruising on his hoof wall. He just got new shoes so hopefully he will be back on track soon and we can hit the next event together.

It should be good fun. There are quite a few of us going from the barn, lots of people there to help and socialize! It's what I love about eventing!

On another note, I bought myself a fish for my new office at work. I got a decent sized fish bowl, and picked up a black moor Goldfish. These are my favorites, I used to have one years ago. Well the fish wasn't in the tank 15 minutes before it died. Frig! I figured it must have just been a sickly one, so back to the store I went to exchange.

The chick at the counter asks me if I have the dead fish. "Are you serious?" I asked her. "Yes, otherwise how do we know the fish actually died".

Ok, I get it, but seriously. I had to argue with this chick for 20 minutes about how if I had known I needed to return the dead fish, I would have kept it. I also included that there was no way I would spend all this time trying to rip off a pet store for $3.00, when I clearly bought a fish bowl only big enough for one fish, etc. So finally she agreed to let me exchange it and I went back to work with another black moor.

This one seemed to fair better yesterday afternoon, however I came into work this morning to find him floating belly up. Clearly, going to have to do some more research into what I'm doing wrong before I get another one. I hate the idea of having all these little fishy victims.


  1. Its probably the water you are using for your fish. I had the same problem - my fish kept dying. Then I bought chlorine removal drops and I've had a beta fish for months now with no problems.

    good luck at your event!

  2. Oh thanks for the advice. I just got a beta, and the chlorine removal drops. He looks happy and healthy so far.


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