Friday, August 7, 2009

Event Numero Dos

So, this weekend I am heading back to my home town for Fandango's second event. My boss, and my good friend are all taking our horses down and staying at my parents farm Saturday night. Sunday morning we will head over to the event!

I am very excited as I love this event, I've competed there for a long time and won it a few times. It's a great venue and they always up date their courses. Now that I know we are ready I am kicking into high gear to be competitive.

Should be a nice weekend overall. Hopefully the weather is nice and I can get a swim and a hack in at my parents. I'm excited to see the new interlock in my mom's barn and the arena has been painted. I'll take some pictures for the blog.

This is short and sweet but I have to run and get packing. Working in the morning and then heading to the home town. Have a great weekend everyone!

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