Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh My - What a Mess

Have you ever seen that cartoon? About the messy dog who brings the mess with him everywhere he goes. Apparently it started as a children's book. It's a good description of what I have gotten myself into.

I've been on the farm for a week now and working steadily till sundown once I'm home from work. I have had no time to ride and haven't seen my boys much, but trust me - this is going to be worth it.

I'm going to share some pictures from my first day of work on the farm. When I say mess, I mean MESS. The owners are great people, but they have left their farm in complete disarray and now it is just too far gone for them. I am now the lucky person who gets to turn this mess into something special. Is it going to be an insane amount of work? YES. Is it going to be never ending? Probably. Am I in over my head? Definitely...but thankfully I have some great friends who are helping me along the way.

I have permission to whatever I please with the property and anything on it. So I pretty much have a blank canvas (minus the huge amount of crap everywhere). These pictures are from day one. I didn't start snapping until we had done a bit so it was actually worse when we started. The goal is to make one small paddock into one slightly larger paddock by adjoining two "pens" which are side by side. Repair and rebuild the shelter, cut the grass/weeds/burrs and make it habitable for Fandango.

This is the view from the house. Page-wire fences, long tangling grass.

The shelter, after the tarp was ripped off the walls.

The section dividing the two small fields which will become one. Notice the amazing fencing with particle board and wire.

After all the wire and crap is removed.

Wire, so much wire.

The view of the second half of the field after the wire fence was taken down, along with more crap.

The bathtub which was used as a water trough before. I will probably use this but make a box around it or something.

Tin taken from the fence line which will be re-used on the shelter. All about recycling here!

Wasps nest in the tin. I pulled it off the fence and ran back to the house.

The shelter, roof needs major work and there was tarp screwed on the sides. Worst shelter ever but hey, better than nothing!

Another view of the second half of the field.

So much crap taken out. I don't even know what that is, looks like an ancient ironing board.

Wire wire and more wire.

Random scraps of wood and old straw left out.

Amazing view here, can't wait to shape this place. Already have done so much, will try and get pictures tonight if the rain holds off!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Say Hi to Broo

Surprise! Introducing the newest member of my family...

More on him soon... Once my internet is up and running at the farm I will have lots of pics to share!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Boys Are Stupid - Throw Rocks at Them

I do not get men. I probably never will. Thinking I may not want to anymore.

I'm going to take this moment to vent some of my frustrations in the opposite sex.

Get a real job. Not a job you say you have which you rarely attend and spend the afternoon laying around your house.

I have a car, you do not. That does not mean I will constantly go to YOUR place and drive YOUR ass around. Take the bus, take a cab, ride a bike, hitch hike for Christs sake. I'm not a taxi and once maybe just once I want to be picked up.

I do not want to meet you at a club for a date. That's like trying scheduling a guaranteed pick up and take home and I want none of that!

You have a girlfriend, you don't know that I know, but I know. Stop texting me because you think I'm in love with you. I may have once thought you were the greatest thing ever and would have done anything to be with you, but those days are over. STOP texting me smileys, stop trying to send me pictures of you on msn. You HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. I know this, you are NOT fooling me. You have been deleted from my phone and will get the "who is this" every time you text.

Stop cyber stalking my blog. I can see that you read it. You hate, you want me dead. So why do you read this dribble? I hope this is the last time you come here.

If you add me to facebook, then proceed to have your status updates about how much you miss your ex girlfriend, don't get all upset when I refuse to go out with you AND tell you why. "They are just lyrics I like" does not work with me. Nice try though.

Why do you only want to hang out when your girlfriend is out of town? If we are really friends then she should know we are friends. If she can't handle that then you need a new girlfriend.

Asking me to come hang out in your parents basement is not acceptable for a 25 year old man. I'm sorry but I just can't do it.

Why do you wait until 20 minutes before you want to make plans to make plans? I'm a busy girl, don't get mad when I say I'm busy and then go on and on about how I never have time to hang out. Some people have responsibilities and can't drop everything the minute you want to "chill".

It's easy to see that many women share my stance. Just googling "stupid boys" thousands upon thousands of pictures come up. Am I destined for a life of frustration? The big question remains...

Why do some of them have to be so cute?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Opportunity Knocks!

I have been blessed with some luck and have found an amazing house on 97 acres to rent. This farm is in serious disrepair but has limitless potential. I have a big imagination and I'm not afraid of a little (or a lot) of hard work. I will be blogging the progress with lots of pictures to share. I am beyond excited and ecstatic right now just to think I will finally have my boys in my own back yard! Stay tuned, I just wanted to share the news. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Archie Picks his Gal - Wedding this Wednesday!

Well, it only took 68 years, but Archie Andrews finally manned up and proposed to one of his two lifetime flings. **Spoiler Alert** If you didn't know who he picked, you're about to find out.

In August 2009, Archie proposes to Veronica. Shockingly, she says yes.

I can confidently say this appears to be yet another case of a man following the wrong head. I mean, obviously I favour Veronica. She's got it all. Looks, power money, great sense of fashion and a in cling for getting what she wants. I can't help but think that in the long run, Archie will just not be man enough to satisfy her every demand. It's obvious what Archie sees in her, but what really, does Ronnie see in Archie? He is a two-timing, bumbling ginger who can't keep a job or get his car to the corner store without it failing. I call the typical "want what you can't have", or competition syndrome. Maybe there isn't much to Archie for Veronica, but the fact that Betty wants him is enough to keep her interested. The proposal is Veronica's chance once and for all, to win this competition.

What say Miz Betty Cooper about this? Bad enough she has been shafted time and time again to Veronica, but to have Archie choose her as marriage material over Betty just seems insane. Betty is the loyal, trustworthy, sweet heart. The kind of girl that guys gush they want to make their wives. Much like real life though, the guys will tell you one thing and do another. How many boys I have known to say they are looking for a sweet, caring, decent girl who doesn't party too much, only to turn around and date the biggest bar star in the county. As Patti from Millionaire Matchmaker would say - he's using his head all right, just not the right one.

Who will be the maid of honour for such a wedding? Betty? I mean come on, talk about major buzz kill. Bad enough your on-off again boyfriend is marrying your best friend, you have to stand up there and watch and pretend to be happy? Making toasts and watching them kiss. Talk about torture!! What did Betty ever do to deserve this insanity!!

So, let's be real here for a moment. Are Archie and Veronica REALLY going to get married? Are they in love, or is there a drop in comic book sales? What will happen to Betty? Has she finally realized she is too good for Archie and doesn't need to play second string to Ronnie anymore? Perhaps Veronica will also realize that Archie has little to offer and her and Betty will run off to find bigger and better men.

I wish I could predict how it will play out, but I just for the life of me can't single out one possibility. I am hoping for the girls, leaving Archie...and finding these hidden mean in Riverdale - who know how to treat a girl right.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oliver Townend and Carousel Quest Take Burghley

Oliver Townend did what many of us dream of - put in a great dressage ride, and rode his pants off to a clear cross country and stadium round, securing his win at the Land Rover Burghley 4* Horse Trials.

This guy is on top of the world right now. Back in May Ollie won the Mitsubishi Badminton 4* Horse Trials on Flint Curtis. It is an amazing feat to complete a 4*, let alone win. Badminton and Burghley are the by far the highest ranked in the world, and Ollie has conquered both of them like it was a walk in the park. Perhaps the most exciting thing about his big win, is the fact that he has secured 2 of the 3 legs of the Rolex Grand Slam.
The Grand Slam has only been won once, back in 2003 by my eventing hero - Pippa Funnel. That was back when the long format was still around. That feat will never again be repeated - unless by some miracle they bring back the long format. Andrew Hoy came close, and had a very disappointing miss, when he won the Rolex and Badminton, and was in the lead at Burghley, only to fall into second place.

Carousel Quest was also the highest placed British bred horse, winning his breeder Joan Hood a prize. His sire is Carousel, a Holsteiner from Hampshire.

There is a big discussion going on on CoTH right now about the Americans performance at Burghley. Some people think they did not put on a good showing, while others think they did great. personally, I think part of the problem is continually looking at them as "The Americans", and not individuals. This was not a team event, and although it is nice to think in terms of having team mates, and being there for each other, these riders are individuals and deserve to be spot lighted that way.

Phillip Dutton and Truluck finished a very admirable fourth place. Buck Davidson also had a
good finish in eleventh. I can't understand why there is so much banter about the "Americans". Some of the horses should not have been there maybe, maybe some of the riders too. However, you can't criticize these entries in a collective bases based on their nationality. This is the whole problem with American eventing. It's all about the TEAM, the name, the representation...and not enough about the individuals and their mounts.

I say Burghley was another successful event this year. There were no serious injuries, and all the horses made it back to the barn for their carrots and hugs. It is a sad thought that this is what eventing has come to, but alas - it is the reality. Looking forward to the Rolex next year, to see if Ollie can make it a Grand Slam!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Live Scoring From Land Rover Burghley CCI**** Horse Trials

Thanks to modern technology we have live updated scoring from the Land Rover Burghley four star horse trials in England.

Here is my lame rundown of the scores after Day 2 of Dressage:

95 CAROUSEL QUEST GBR Oliver Townend 221 228 212 39.8 1
91 NEREO NZL Andrew Nicholson 216 203 211 45.0 2
85 LENAMORE NZL Caroline Powell 206 210 213 45.2 3
40 TRULUCK USA Phillip Dutton 210 207 211 45.3 4
31 CROWN FARM CONSORT GBR John-Paul Sheffield 202 214 205 46.5 5

22 LEPRINCE DES BOIS GER Kai Ruder 210 204 206 46.7 6
87 ARTHUR USA Allison Springer 205 198 213 47.3 7
100 SEACOOKIE GBR William Fox-Pitt 209 199 207 47.5 8
55 BONZA PUZZLE AUS Matt Ryan 206 209 196 48.2 9
33 BOONDOGGLE GBR Kitty Boggis 205 197 208 48.3 10=

38 HAPPY TIMES AUS Sam Griffiths 206 203 201 48.3 10=
66 S S JETT BEL Karin Donckers 204 206 200 48.3 10=
60 WESTWOOD POSER GBR Polly Stockton 200 203 206 48.5 13
67 HUGO'S THERE III NZL Neil Spratt 209 192 205 49.0 14
61 LEYLAND USA Amy Tryon 203 195 205 49.5 15

69 GLENBUCK GBR Zara Phillips 198 195 208 49.8 16=
35 MANDIBA USA Karen O'Connor 200 196 205 49.8 16=
75 SIR PERCIVAL III GBR Francis Whittington 202 207 192 49.8 16=
99 WHAT A PERFORMANCE GBR Piggy French 204 199 193 50.7 19
96 KILFINNIE II AUS Paul Tapner 205 201 187 51.2 20

98 KINGS TEMPTRESS GBR Mary King 199 200 193 51.3 21=
97 MIDNIGHT DAZZLER GBR Harry Meade 198 195 199 51.3* 21=
12 INONOTHING AUS Paul Tapner 197 200 194 51.5 23
25 POILU AUS Clayton Fredericks 194 204 192 51.7 24
70 BALLYNOE CASTLE RM USA Bruce Davidson Jr 193 202 194 51.8 25

72 BE MY GUEST GER Dirk Schrade 192 194 197 52.8 26
68 POLITICAL MANDATE BRA Carlos Paro 188 189 205 53.0 27
19 COURAGEOUS COMET USA Rebecca Holder 195 188 197 53.3* 28
58 AVA ITA Susanna Bordone 196 196 184 54.0 29=
50 SPRING ALONG GBR Daisy Dick 188 198 190 54.0* 29=

18 ASHDALE CRUISE MASTER GBR Emily Gilruth 188 201 186 54.2 31
8 CHILL OUT BOB GBR Jeanette Brakewell 188 190 191 55.2 32=
56 VORTEX NZL Tim Price 192 189 188 55.2 32=
14 DUNAUGER GBR Harry Meade 188 187 193 55.3 34
17 MACCHIATO GBR William Fox-Pitt 194 188 184 55.7 35

54 COMANCHE GBR James Robinson 192 185 183 56.7 36=
49 CRITICAL DECISION USA Missy Ransehousen 183 185 192 56.7* 36=
81 MANNY CAN Diana Burnett 185 176 198 56.8* 38
57 MASTER BANKS GBR Nicola Wilson 187 175 196 57.0 39
59 ANOTHER CAVALIER GBR Matthew Wright 181 182 192 57.5 40=

79 TWINKLE BEE GER Anna Warnecke 186 182 187 57.5 40=
64 POLITICAL TRUMP GBR Matthew Prior 181 181 192 57.7 42=
47 STAR PROSPECT GBR Sara Squires 184 177 193 57.7 42=
83 LEAD THE WAY GBR Clea Phillipps 187 182 183 58.0 44
71 LAZY ACRES SKIP ON GBR Sarah Stretton 184 186 181 58.2 45

15 APACHE SAUCE GBR Mary King 188 184 178 58.3 46=
53 MADISON PARK CAN Kyle Carter 182 179 189 58.3 46=
23 ARIEL SPIRIT GBR Rebecca Gibbs 185 185 177 58.8 48
3 SHIVER ST GEORGE GBR Sara Burdess 180 182 183 59.2 49
74 BARRY'S BEST GBR Rosie Thomas 183 174 185 59.7 50

52 MEGASTAR GBR Polly Jackson 185 172 184 59.8 51
77 THE GOOD WITCH USA Jennifer Wooten 174 182 184 60.0 52
89 INCAN WINTER GBR Richard Jones 181 178 179 60.3 53=
82 TIGER'S EYE II RSA Alexander Peternell 177 184 177 60.3 53=
16 SOME DAY SOON GBR Piggy French 179 182 176 60.5 55

42 SPECIAL ATTORNEY NZL Dan Jocelyn 180 181 174 60.8 56
4 RUNNING BROOK II GBR Georgie Spence 176 176 179 61.5 57
26 HIGH TIMES GBR Lucy Holliday 179 179 171 61.8 58
32 BALMORAL CAVALIER AUS Emily Anker 177 173 171 63.2 59
21 BEGGARS BELIEF GBR Georgia Bale 166 175 178 63.5 60

92 MAJOR BUCK GBR Jeanette Brakewell 175 168 173 64.0 61
2 LOOKS LIKE FUN GBR Vicky Brake 163 174 177 64.3 62
76 BIT OF A BARNEY GBR Louise Skelton 166 177 167 65.0 63=
9 PARK PAGEBOY GBR Clare Lewis 175 169 166 65.0 63=
30 WATCH IT GBR Simon Lawrance 162 169 175 65.7 65

48 JUST APPEAL GBR Sian Wynne Morris 172 158 172 66.3 66=
29 WATERSHIP DOWN IRL Louise Lyons 164 168 170 66.3 66=
65 INSTANT REACTION GBR Ginnie Turnbull 161 162 173 67.3 68
7 ARMADA NZL Andrew Nicholson 158 165 172 67.5 69
37 KING BOB GBR Michael Owen 162 167 165 67.7 70

1 BLACK DRUM NZL Annabel Wigley 154 167 160 69.8 71
28 STORMSTAY GBR Aaron Millar 157 156 164 70.5 72
45 CORNSAY GROUSE GBR Angus Smales 156 149 171 70.7* 73
24 GROS BONNET FRA Sidney Dufresne 152 159 164 70.8 74
20 SPORTSFIELD SANDYMAN IRL Paul Donovan 162 157 155 71.0 75

5 KINNAGOE BAY GBR Richard Jones 153 159 156 72.0 76
44 HARRY FRA Bruno Bouvier 151 146 149 75.7 77
93 SIDNIFICANT GBR Clare Lewis 141 154 142 77.2 78
36 MCFLY GBR Nicola Malcolm 134 140 137 81.5 79
39 WULSTAN ROCK ON GBR Laura Shears 126 128 143 83.8* 80
* - denotes errors of course

Canadians holding in there in 38th and 46th! Whooo can't wait until Cross Country day tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Supplement or Illegal Narcotic? - Is That What I Think it is?

I had a pretty boring weekend. I worked in the mornings and rode, but Sunday turned into one big joke. You see, the night before I FINALLY remembered to pick up some Red Raspberry Leaves. Before Fandango had his surgery, someone had recommended raspberry leaves to me, to help keep his hormones in check. They are easy to find, and cheap so I figured there was no harm in trying! I had him on them every day until I started him on Depo when his testosterone started to get a bit out of hand.

Now that he has been properly gelded, I decided to put him back on them to help with whatever testosterone is left in his system, and see if it would make any difference. The only problem? Every time I leave the barn - I completely forget to pick them up...but not this weekend. This weekend, after months of forgetting, I finally remembered to go to the health food store. I picked up a huge bag full of shredded red raspberry leaves for 5 bucks and went on my way. I was just so happy I remembered, small accomplishments for some are great feats for others you know.

Onwards I went to have lunch with a friend. We dined at a delicious fish and chips hut and enjoyed the coffee and gossip. There were two young people working, and another young man who came in to chat with them. Upon leaving the restaurant, the young man was standing in the doorway of the exit smoking. I looked at him and said "do you think you could move, and NOT smoke right in the doorway?".

He didn't hear me, but I wanted him to. I walked over to my car and I hear "Excuse me, miss?" I turned around and looked at him. He blurts out "That's not what I think it is on the floor of your front seat is it?" I look at him very puzzled, then I look at the floor. I see a huge bag of cut up green herbs, and burst out laughing.

"Ah - NO", I say. He proceeds with; "Good, because I'm taking police foundations and if I were a cop, I would arrest you on the spot".

I rebut with "well, clearly you still have a lot to learn - BUD". He stares at me, knowing not what to say. I get in the car and look at my friend. WTF was THAT? Who is this kid? WHY was he across the parking lot looking in my car on the floor? Does he think he's a cop already and is power tripping on the thought of his first class of Police Foundations? I drove away and lost control - with the giggles.

Who are these people and why are they so nosey. Yes guy, I drive around with a massive bag of marijuana on front seat for the world to see and enjoy. Then I admit it to you when you are being a nosey buggar so you can arrest me in your fantasy rent a cop life. Weird. o.

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