Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let Me Share Something With You...

Well, a lot has changed in the last month. I've officially moved into the farm, have a new puppy and finally got one of my two boys moved over. There is even more change though, in the form of a man. Yes, I am not actually a man hater although some of my posts might suggest otherwise lol. I have started dating someone who so far, is a truely amazing person. I want to share something beautiful he wrote for me. I feel like such a lucky girl today.

Walking with stars upon a warm milky way
Sharing passion with fire, a new sunrise, you are like a brand new day
After the storm has settled and trees regrow
Finding their roots for which to bestow
A gift of life and beauty to share in the same
A new sunrise for us, this isn't a game.
Times are a changing so fast and strong,
I know it's with you I am meant to belong
It's written in the stars for all to see
Just how perfect it is- you and me
Climbing no more as the mountain is flat
We reached a Plato, no myth, but fact.

People stop, agasp with awe, energy's swirling above the great Sun,
A life shared together has surely begun.
Together we will rise above and beyond,
Shining so bright to be seen from even the most distant of lands
The space between us is nothing, merely a pond
A stones throw skipping over the water and then you're in my arms.

A life shared with each other is surely the best
Two hearts beating behind the single breast
Of a passion on fire and dreams coming true
Feeling so right, shining bright, living the dream, our favorite colour is blue!
Taking things higher and higher beyond,
The stars have it written, reflecting on the pond.

I will cherish you always and be so true,
I will give you my love and share my soul with you.
I will treat with care and respect beyond,
I am lucky to share with such a strong bond.
Chemistry's magic and fireworks I see, in the incredible energy that is you and me.


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