Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week Two - Progress!

Into the second week of work and I am making some serious progress! The fence is completed, and the field cleaned out. I started repairs on my feed room/shed and the shelter is up next. The screen on my camera has broken so I am doing my best with the pictures. I will have to get more of the fencing tonight, it looks great. It is half post and rail, and half wire with boards. Eventually I would like to do entirely post and rail.

Schaeffer gets bored very easily. Rough life he has.

Can you see him staring at me? He's waiting for me to entertain him. The shelter in dire need of repair.

The gate my friend built, not too shabby! Notice one of the many piles of crap removed.

A close up.

Blurry, but totally cleared out now. There is post and rail fencing at the back.

The sunset on the hill. My camera sucks and does not do it justice!


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