Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beach Season is Not Over Yet!

We took advantage of this gorgeous October weekend and met up with some friends of my moms to go for a nice Sunday hack. They knew about a private beach where they go hacking regularly and were going to let us in on their little gem of a secret spot.

Archie has only been off the property a few times for lessons, and has never hacked out in a group so this was going to be a good exercise for him to get him used to being away from home and around strange horses.

We loaded the horses up and met up at my moms friends place. They have a bunch of young Appys and Quarter Horses they were going to be taking out. Archie walked right on the trailer today, which was great. He has come a long way with getting on the trailer. He still gets nervous and sweats himself out completely on the ride though. He seems to be getting better with each trailer ride, so hopefully he will lose those nerves completely with time.

The trails on the way to the beach were fabulous. All the leaves on the ground create a beautiful sight. Not to mention those pretty spotted bums we were following. Archie finds it a bit difficult to walk at the same pace as a 15 h Quarter horse, but he tries.

Our first look as we arrive at the beach. I am so in love with this October day I could just fall off my horse and die. I musnt do that though, I must get to the beach!

I do love a good Appy bum ...

Here we navigating the first sand dune. The horses all go down and up the dunes with ease. The blue roan in the middle is 25 years old. She was such a superstar, you would never know she was such on oldie.

We're getting so close to the beach!! The waves were crashing with the wind, Archie knew something was up there, but he just didn't know what exactly. My moms horse saw the water at first and wanted nothing of it.... we will press on however. We are not quitters!

Heres my mom, happy to have made it this far with her second level dressage horse. Good job mom, I'm proud of you!

My mom and I posing for pictures. Archies lovely dried sweat from his trailer ride. He will get super grooming when he gets home.

And again. I am so lucky to share this passion with my mom. We may enjoy different disciplines, but we are working hard at making our horses more versatile so we can have more fun with them aside from competing. I think today was a great accomplishment of that.

On the way to the second private beach. The beaches go forever, how did we never know this was so close to our home!

Archie checking in to make sure he's still going the right way.

Archie and I attempting to pose for pictures....he was too excited to stand still at this point.

Time to get our feet wet....

My mom and Ace, her first time in the water..EVER! What a good girl, the DQ's would be so jealous :)

Are you kidding me?? This beach looks like the Caribbean! This is my new favorite spot...what a beautiful example of our province.

Just look how blue the water is....

On our way home....Ace being a poser.

The beautiful autumn foliage on the way back.

We made it! Archies first successful hack off the property, at the beach at that.

I love my horse.

Ace is getting told it's time to go! (not till we're done our drinks hehe)


  1. haha love it. My mom and I are branching out in our riding disciplines too. We've signed up to take reining lessons on our mounted games ponies....and I'm looking forward to getting back into a little dressage.
    it's a wonderful feeling when you feel like your horse can do anything!

  2. Definitely! When you hear about something cool going on you don't have to worry...uggh I can't take my horse to that lol. I wanna hear how the reining goes, I love watching it and would love to try it.

  3. Looks like you all had a grand time!

    Do tell this American one thing...what is a "hack"? I'm sure it means something different that what I'm used to.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Hacking in the english discipline (in Canada and the UK anyways) just refers to travelling outside the ring. I guess it is equal to trail riding but also can be riding on the road, in the fields, wherever. What does the term mean to you?

  5. In my jargon "hack" means not being good at something, such as a "hack golfer".

  6. oooh yes, I use it that way too sometimes. My language is a bit more colouful normally when I'm sucking at something lol

  7. I've known to turn the air blue myself, when "hacking". There's a reason I gave up golf.


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