Saturday, October 16, 2010


Since I never got to post about Broo while he was growing up....I wanted to share all his puppy, to first year pics. I take a lot of pride in this dog, because I have never owned a dog from puppy stage and raised them myself. I usually adopt older dogs so I really wanted to see if I could train a decent dog who listened and had a great attitude. I don't know if I can take credit for Broo, but so far he is everything I ever wanted in a dog and more. A loyal companion, obedient, snuggly, loves to go hacking, and NOT a mooch :)

Here is Broos Litter. His mom was Blue Heeler/Border Collie, and his dad Australian Shepherd. Half the litter looked like border collies, the other half aussies.

Broo was the odd one out. Lots of white and blue half moons in his eyes.

Hi mom...I'm not getting into trouble...promise :)

Another cookie?

Hanging out with uncle Schaeffer...

Being a puppy is hard work....

When are we going to the barn??

Just helping you pack...but please don't pack my food bin :)

Starting to grow up once the snow is melting....

Such a poser.

Playing with his new sister Sophie.

Helping me do the gardens in the spring, very happy to help, if you can't tell by that smile.

Broo started Agility at Morning Star dog academy, here he is doing the dog walk.

Showing off his pass for first level.

Couldn't find Broo anywhere...low and behold he was on the front lawn helping with the Recycling.

After a long day of hacking with mom, Broo passes out while I fold laundry.

Always by my side when I'm getting ready for work. How can I not love you Broo.


  1. Broo is a cutie! Welcome to the Pet Blogger Hop!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Broo is just too cute for words! I loved sort of seeing him grow up in your pictures! :)


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