Friday, October 15, 2010

The Day The Single Me Died :)

Well, I think I owe an explanation about my biggest turn of events. It was only a year ago I was on here ranting about how stupid boys are...I don't want to be hypocrite now do I? I guess when they say "love will find you when you stop looking for it", they're right. I met my man this summer and we fell in love instantly. He asked me to marry him at the end of September, and I naturally, accepted. We set the date of October 7th 2010 (2 weeks time) and told our friends and family. I am forever grateful for the love and support my family and friends gave us. It was a huge surprise and such short notice, but they were right there, and were happy and excited for us.

We wanted a civil ceremony, however the City Hall was all booked for the days we could do it, so we hired an officiant (who was excellent) and planned to get married at Nepean Point in Ottawa. Nepean Point is a lookout point behind the National Art Gallery in Ottawa which overlooks the Ottawa river and the Parliament Hill. Makes for a very patriot location with great views. We had a gorgeous October day, and a small and private ceremony. I have never been one for big and extravagant weddings, and our day was exactly the opposite, and exactly what we wanted. I have posted some pictures to's to a happy life together.

The National Art Gallery

The spider sculpture outside the gallery, gets a lot of attention.

BBMing my mom....where are you?? We have to get married at 2 pm lol...

On our way to the point....

The following photos:

The view from Nepean Point...the wind was picking up....I thought hell was freezing over ;)

The kiss to seal the deal...

Done and done!

Now for some photo ops....

The celebrations begin....

Marriage License - $152
Rings - $400
Wedding dress - $60
Officiant - $300
Honeymoon suite for 2 nights- $400
Getting married on the fly for under $1500 - to the love of my life - PRICELESS


  1. Congrats!

    I think our marriage license was like $29. Yours is way pricey.

  2. Thank you! Yeah that's Canadian government for you, costs an arm and a leg to do anything anymore lol.


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