Monday, November 22, 2010


   (Quoting the Madonna song)....Going to take a holiday!  My boss so generously gave me an extra weeks holiday as a wedding gift.  I am going to use it to my full advantage and am taking the week off.  Today is the first day of my holiday and I am so excited to have a week with NO INSURANCE TALK! YAY.  Check that, actually probably not since I'm going to stay with my best friend in Ottawa who is, of course, also an Insurance Broker.  Ahh, the career choice you can never escape. 

  Anywho, enough of that.  I am heading out tomorrow to Prince Edward Island to meet up with my husband and road trip it back to Ontario.  He has been living there and we are finally going to get to start our married life together by the end of the week. WAHOO!  I am finally getting to move back out of my parents place - double WAHOO!  I get to see my husband after being apart for over a month - triple WAHOO!  

  I have not been to the East coast since I was very little so I am excited to take in the scenery.  It will be a true test to our relationship I'm sure...a 15 hour drive across the provinces.  It will either be really fun, or really horrible haha.  I'm sure we can do it, just have to make sure we have some good tunes for the ride.  I will try and take a bunch of pictures to share.  I am praying for no snow, apparently they have a bunch already.  Wouldn't want to bring that nasty white stuff back here with me :)

  Happy Vacation week, to me!

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