Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Patience Pays Off

 I want to write an update on Fandango today, and express how I feel about being patient with a horses recovery from and injury.  In the very early spring I noticed Fandango was just slightly off so I gave him a few weeks to see if he would make himself right.  I was really worried it was navicular as I've had a QH type Appy in the past that developed it when he was still fairly young.  I am paranoid now.  It did not improve and with great timing the vet was coming out so I had him do up some X rays.  Our vet has those new digital X Rays so there is no waiting for the results! The good news was it was not navicular.

  The bad news was that he had a cracked Coffin bone.  The vet said it was not serious though and with corrective shoeing and time off it should heal itself.  (There is some good stuff about hoof anatomy  here.   I am not a barefoot advocate, nor do I have anything against it, I just enjoyed the visuals on this site.)  I decided to give the fat man a couple of months of stall rest.  We had another horse on stall rest so it worked out that they wouldn't have to be alone inside together.  After those few months and the corrective shoeing there was little to no improvement.

  By this time summer was in full swing.  I was upset our show season was looking like it would be null and void but even more so I felt sorry for Fandango having to miss out on the beautiful summer pastures.  I took extra time to groom and pamper him all summer so he wouldn't feel left out.  I know he appreciated it.  Summer was nearing the end in August, and still with no improvement I decided that he wasn't getting any better on stall rest.  I turned him back out with the boys while there was still sun and grazing.

  Summer turned to fall and with still no improvement I decided to pull his shoes.  They didn't seem to be doing much anyway.  Low and behold just a few short weeks after Fandangos' noticeable limp was reduced to an off step every few steps.  Today, at the beginning of November, Fandango is walking, and trotting, SOUND.  We took our first ride in 8 months!  Just a 10 minute walk to stretch out and start our month of walking to build up fitness.  If all keeps progressing he should be ready for regular work in the New Year.  I am so excited for him that his foot is healing and he seems in better spirits altogether.

   I'm glad I stuck by my beliefs that patience is a key ingredient in injury recovery in horses.  Too many times I see people whose horses are lame; then prescribed stall rest and healing, only to be cut short by the owner because the horse appears sound and they are too impatient to wait.  The horse goes back to work only to be re injured a few weeks or months later.  It happens time and time again.  If those owners would just have their horses best interests at heart instead of their own they may save their horse - and themselves - from a lot of agony in the future.  Competition and riding should never come before your horses health.  I understand that a lot of people may not be as lucky to have other horses to ride, or they may have to pay board on a lame horse, however, these are the responsibilities of horse ownership and it is our duty as horse owners, and lovers to protect our cherished beasts.


  1. Veronica,
    Why have I been missing you?
    I'm so sorry to read of Fanfango...yet, very happy about the pay off.I'm trying to be patient...RIGHT NOW....it is difficult, yet, the mare means so much moe to me than having to ride. I do have the luxury of other horses to go ride...and let me tell you, it makes me appreciate my mare more!

    Happy, very happy to hear of your new beginning!

  2. So glad he's making progress! It must be terrifying to sit and wait and hope.


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