Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweet November Hacking Weather

  I am stoked about this November.  It has been nothing but beautiful without so much as a snowflake falling.  It hasn't really hit below 0c and the days are staying above 10c.  This makes Archie and I both very happy as we favour hacking over all other work.  Now that its dark when I get home, hacking is held off until the weekend.  All week I hold my breath and watch the weather network with anticipation....will there be sunshine?  Will there be rain??  Will there be 30km/hr winds that make my horse insane?  We held onto another gorgeous day, my mom and I went out early Saturday morning with Broo.  Archie was a happy boy, her mare Ace is really becoming relaxed on the trails.  Not bad for a dressage diva!

Fandango waiting for his turn.

Enjoying the sunshine, he LOVES his window.

Broo posing for me.  Showing off his new heart :)

Broo starting off with a bang.

Stopping to smell the air.

Something caught Ace's eye.

Our farm from the hill.

My mom and Ace.

Archie loves having his picture taken.  He purposely posed here.

My mom, me, Archie, and Broo.  What a great morning.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Stopping by on the blog hop - great photos!


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