Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ace Debuts in the Hunter Ring - She's a Natural....

  Saturday brought another Hastings County Horse Club show.  My mom asked me if I wanted to take her mare in the cross rail class last week.  She hasn't done a whole lot of jumping, just a little bit here and there over the last few years whenever we would get the inkling, and nothing more than a cross rail or two.  She is a strictly dressage ridden mare, however, with her recent incessant need to spook at anything and everything, my mom has been very brave and has been trying to take her out and do more with her in a hopes to "desensitize" her.

  I rode her a couple of days last week over some small cross rails and she seemed to be really enjoying it so I went ahead and entered her in the show.  I signed her up for the 2 cross rail classes that were offered.  They are literally the tiniest little cross rails ever, but it's a great show to introduce a green horse to something different.  We packed the trailer Friday night and were up at 5 am Saturday morning to head to the show!

  Luckily, it's only about a 15 minute drive from my parents farm.  I wanted to get there early to have some time to school in the warm up.  The warm up ring was nothing short of insanity!  What a great schooling opportunity though!  Ace was getting horses run up every which way of her....there were horses being unloaded, horses being lunged, horses running away with people, horses everywhere!   It was a lot for her to take in at first but she was a good girl and went straight to work when I asked her.  We had a few scoots when some horses ran up behind her but I worked her through it fine.  This was a good school for her!

 Our course was very simple and tiny.  Ace went in the ring and laid it down like a born natural.  She held a great rhythm, had good distances, and was honest and straight.  The only thing we missed were some leads.  She doesn't have changes yet so I didn't push her for that.  I just wanted a nice, steady, positive round, and she delivered.  We ended up second out of about 15 in both of her classes.  She was such a super pony!  My mom rode her tonight and said she was very good, no spooking, nice and forward and not hanging on the left rein as per usual.  We are going to do a bit more jumping with her as it seems to be helping her develop a bit more in ways she isn't getting from strict dressage work.

Enough of the hunter stuff!! Onto the eventing!

  After the show I headed out to walk the cross country course for Archie's first event.  The organizers didn't have the course maps ready yet so we just had to find our way around.  Luckily, we were only going pre-entry so the course was pretty short and easy to navigate.  I took pictures of the course to help with visualization and just for my own reference :)

The Start Box...whoo hoo! 
Before #2 the lane way.

Jesse clears #2 with ease, good thing he didn't have a rotational fall with those hands in the pockets!

Getting a little bigger 
The biggest fence, double wide.  Still inviting.
Super Mario clear over #4.
The Serpent

Lots of colour!

  Pretty straightforward and tiny.  I wasn't worried about the cross country too much as it has always been my strongest phase and I think Archie matches me in that instance.  We got stuck on the highway for a few hours on the way home due to a severe accident.  I didn't get home in time to have a school before the event the next day, but there was plenty of time for beer and trailer packing!  My dressage time wasn't until 1:50 in the afternoon which I meant I didn't have to get up at some ungodly hour to hit the road...bonus!

  I will share Archie's first event story tomorrow, complete with photos and video :)



  1. That's awesome :) Love the photos.

  2. i dont know anything about horses, all i know is i love the aces' hairstyle! :)


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