Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Archies Excellent Adventure Weekend Part 2

The second part of our weekend adventure came at 2:00 pm Saturday when we loaded up my moms mare and headed for her first dressage show of the season.  Her ride times were late in the day about 20 after 4, which was a bit strange.  Getting ready to show in the middle of the day and having already shown that morning was a first for me.

My moms horse was great, she was a little spooky and gave a few looks at a few of the flowers that were around the arena, but nonetheless has a successful showing.  She ended up first and second in her classes.  A great first start to her season!
Ace in her warm up.
  For the very first time, I tried out the iMovie program on my husbands Mac (one of the plus's of getting married, I inherited a Mac! haha).  I have always wanted to make and edit videos for my own enjoyment so my very trial run was with some footage from the dressage show.  The quality isn't fabulous as I did not have a lot of memory left on my camera that day.  However, now that I have gotten an idea of how to use the iMovie I plan on making a bunch more videos in the future!  Check out the trial; at the very least it makes it a little more entertaining than watching with no sound.

Looking very profesh.
Sunday was a planned day of rest however the rain that was forecast never came, the sun was out and there was a nice cool breeze blowing.  My mom suggested we go for a hack at a place her friend had been telling her we should try out.  She wants to get her mare out more and desensitize her a bit so there will be less spookage at the shows.  We planned to meet our friend Chris who was going to meet us at the end of her driveway with her trailer and show us the way.

Chris's mare Minika
Happily waiting to be unloaded.

  We arrived at the head of the Cataroqui Trail and there was a nice big space for trailer parking.  Archie was great on the trailer and to tack up.  We all hopped on and set off on our ride.  What a gorgeous trail! It is the old train bed trail, where the tracks have been removed and all that is left is a well groomed, flat crushed gravel path they have opened up for riders, bikers, runners and whoever else pleases!

We walked at a good steady pace for about half an hour before doing a nice long trot set.  The scenery was beautiful and the footing was perfect.  There were no bugs, it was really the perfect day to be out for a hack.  We saw a doe and her fawn, with white speckles all over and was barely bigger than a salt lick. Adorable!  I tried to get a picture...

There's a fawn in there somewhere :)
Miles and miles of open trail.

  We rode for a good two hours.  We crossed bridges, through fields, up hills, and even came across a creek.  Archie and I went in but quickly realized we would be swimming if we went any further.  We saw lots of bikes and all the horses were very well behaved.  So well behaved that I feel like I don't even know my own horse anymore!  It just shows what consistency and correct riding, and training can do.  If things aren't working for you, there is probably a reason and you are probably doing something that isn't right for that horse.  I have learnt this and it has completely changed things with Archie.  I have found what works for him and every day things are steadily improving.

What a view!
The water got just a little too deep...

  Overall Archie had a sleep over, competed in his first real show, and went on a good 2 hour hack off property and was an ol' pro for the entire weekend.  I am so proud of my horse, and myself, for finally reaching this point where it is becoming a joy and not an anxiety creating nightmare to take my horse out and do something with him.  I can't wait to see what the future holds.


  1. wow, that is an amazing weekend!! I bet you were exhausted!

  2. Love the braids! Sounds like a helluva weekend.

  3. That looks like fun, I miss long trail rides. Congrats in the show!


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