Friday, June 3, 2011

Product Review - The Amigo Bug Rug and Amigo Mio Fly Sheet

Future in Horse Catalog modelling?
It's no secret, I LOVE Horseware Ireland.  Growing up with a high withered blanket destructor has brought me to love their products.  They have a great fit and are highly durable.  I want to give a review of one of my favourite products they make, their Amigo fly sheet.

  Archie got his Amigo Bug Rug about 3 and a half years ago.  It was affordable, and fit well.  There was a sheer lining on the shoulder to prevent shoulder rubs, a detachable hood attached, a tail cover, and easy to do up front and belly straps.

  The fit is great, even on my high withered Thoroughbred.  Fandango had a matching Bug Rug and the fit was great on him too - a round Quarter horse type.  Archie is hyper sensitively allergic to bugs.  He needs the most coverage with the most comfort.  The Bug Rug stays in place, and doesn't rub.  A huge plus for me!! I can't stand blanket rubs, they look so uncomfortable and painful.  The mesh is lightweight and breathable.  It keeps the ponies cool even on hot days.

One bonus from the Bug Rug is that keeps the horses coat free from sun bleaching.  Fandango was my gorgeous golden boy.  I loved that his sheet kept his coat shiny and gold, free from the orangish tinge it had become in the past.  Archies coat also stays a nice bright bay with no sun bleaching.

  Being the sensitive horse he is, Archie gets cuts and scrapes very easily.  I found this sheet doubles as a body protector for him.  After nearly 4 years of hard wear by Archie, his sheet has finally seen it's last day. It protected him from the bugs, sun, and the many trees and rocks he would have rolled over and ripped himself open with like he has many times before.  It only has one belly strap and one side of the sheet is completely ripped open.  It was time for Archie to get a new fly sheet.

Has definitely seen better days...
This time, I bought him the Amigo Mio Flysheet (yeah it was cheaper).  The difference from the Bug Rug is that the hood is not detachable.  For me, this isn't a problem as I never actually take the hood off!  These pictures are from the initial try-on, always my favourite part! (a little wet from just having a bath).

Notice the cut on the right hind? Tissue paper skin I tell ya!

The fit is great, the hood is a bit bigger so it covers more than his Bug Rug did.  He has worn it for 2 days so far and it has been just as great as his Bug Rug always was.  I can't say enough good things about the Amigo Fly Sheets, they keep Archie and I both happy and stress free :)


  1. you guys got some cool looking coats. we call ours coats not bug rugs though
    Benny & Lily

  2. Ooooo I broke down and got Gogo a Bug Buster this year. Unfortunately for me I did not count on the fact that a) Texas is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too hot to wear them and b) Gogo is currently too fat to fit in hers. No, really.

  3. LOL oh no!! Is it that hot there really? Yikes. At least shes going into her shelter now. Why is she so fat?? LOL


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