Wednesday, June 1, 2011

With Love...From Heaven

If you are at all involved in the upper eventing equestrian world, you will have heard the news about the loss at True Prospect Farm. There is more information on the Eventing Nation Website, with a bit more about the horses who were lost and what took place.  If you are not an equestrian, you are most likely an animal lover and that's why you are reading this blog.  6 very special horses were lost today, and I can only imagine the pain and heartbreak so many people are going through tonight now that the shock and weight of it all has set in. 

  Every life taken unexpectedly seems unfair.  If Boyd and the horse owners are as passionate as I am about my horses, and eventing as a lifestyle (which I am positive he is more so), than I can not imagine how they are all feeling.  I myself cried, and I know no one involved, or any of the horses.  What gets me the most is how they tried so hard to save to the horses, even being held back by the fire department.  The girl who saved the 5 or so that got out, didn't even get to save her own horse.  She is truly my hero.

  If you read about the horses who were lost, see their pictures, it almost seems as if you know them, and the loss is your own.  How do you deal with losing your horse, dog, friend?  I know there have been times I have cried for days, and times when I just shut down completely, and moved on like nothing happened.  Yet, I remember them all with the same absolute love and missing for them.  I picture them in horse heaven.  Grazing, racing with the wind.  Whether I am a religious person or not, I believe all horses are destined for Heaven.

  A horse is a creature unlike any other.  They are here to serve the human race, and bring us absolute happiness.  Dogs, are the only animal to measure up to the bond created between human and animal.  I dream, and I pray, not only for the horses that were lost, but for the people who knew and loved them.  May they be granted the strength to believe these horses are in heaven, living wild, and free.

  You can donate to Boyd and True Prospect Farm directly at  

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