Monday, July 11, 2011

Ace Does Doornekamps Gold Dressage Show

  Saturday I groomed for my mom and her mare Ace at beautiful Doornekamps farm in Odessa Ontario.  Ace who is known to be quite rude in the warm up was a good girl and kept her wits about her.   She did two first level tests and one second level test.  She was a bit of a brat in her first test and had one big bobble, but progressed in each test and her last test - the second level test was her best.  She finished with a sixth and 2 second places out of a good size field, only beat by her coach in the second level - not bad! One of three videos...2 more to come :)

For some pics:

  I had to cancel my plans to take Archie dressaging on Sunday.  When I got on him Saturday evening he was off and didn't want to move forward.  I jumped off, took him back to the barn, removed his tack and grabbed the lunge line.  I lunged him for a minute in the arena and it was clear he was sore in the front - but where?  I picked up his feet, no bruising, no tenderness.  I checked his legs, no heat, no swelling, no sensitivity.  I thought it might be in the shoulder since he was just taking a little short of a step and there was no other indication to be seen anywhere.  I decided I would cold hose, poultice his legs and wrap him for the night and see how he was first thing in the morning.  

  I jogged him on the lunge early Sunday and he was not as bad but still slightly stiff on the left side.  Again, there was no heat or swelling.  I cold hosed his shoulder and leg again just in case and let him out for the day.  I hosed him again mid day, and then again when he came in for the night.  By bring in time his should looked like there was a bit of fluid in it and slightly bigger than the right one.  I wrapped him again and put him to bed.  I am not positive it is his shoulder but I have a good feeling that's what it is.  He must have twisted it, or bumped into something out in the field as he was %100 the day before.  I will give him a few days off and see how he is, if no improvement I will have to have the vet out but let's hope it doesn't get to that!

  I was disappointed as I really wanted to do some dressaging but honestly my attitude these days is just, "this too shall pass" I went and gave back to the equestrian community and volunteered at a local Trillium Hunter show.  Always an interesting time that is certain.

  Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!

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