Monday, July 11, 2011

Ace Does Doornekamps Gold Dressage Show - Video #2

  Not much to report today, however I trotted Archie out tonight and he was completely sound.  He must have just pulled a muscle in his shoulder or something along those lines.  Not exactly sure, but happy it's not looking to be anything serious.  I swear this horse needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap.  He is rarely off, and when he is it's always shoe related since he has typical crap Thoroughbred feet (although they are improving), but he constantly comes in with slashes and cuts.  He has a 20 acre grass pasture...I don't know how he does it!! I went ahead and poulticed him and will give him a few more days off to recover.  It's too hot to ride anyway! 

  My mom is a fan of Bollywood movies, random right?  She requested some Bollywood for her next video.  I found some great music on youtube but I couldn't get ahold of it ANYWHERE so the best I can do is some Jai Ho!  This is her and Ace doing First Level Test 3, they were second in this class. Enjoy :)


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