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Saturday Pet Blogger Hop - Stop EBay Classifieds from Selling Pets

Courtesy of Two Little Cavaliers, a special edition of the Saturday pet Blogger Hop;

  "E-bay might not allow the sale of live animals through their auction section but they do allow the sale of live animals through their Classified Section. Either way selling animals this way is not ok. It was my understanding that E-bay would not allow the sale of any live animal on their site PERIOD. Since the start of the petition in January little has changed in the Ebay Classified section. A link to their rules and regulations and what it means to be a responsible pet owner. They claim to screen those selling animals via the classified section and that buyers are informed about what the decision to get an animal means. Last I checked a Reputable Breeder who cared about the health and well-being of their puppies would never use a site like this. Are we supposed to think that someone who is selling PitBulls or Chihuahua Puppies in an area that has BSL is doing the right thing? Whether or not we agree with BSL is another story but to sell something that is illegal to own, purchase, or posses well that just shows the kind of trash that use the site to sell their animals. I personally had to point out the problem to E-bay several times before giving up because it kept happening which means they do not even go through the listing to make sure the animals being sold in the local classified sections are legal to own in the area.

  If they claim to safe guard the puppies and make sure they are sold to their new owners healthy and free of disease and not taken from their mothers too early. So E-bay you are visiting all these puppy sellers to make sure no puppies are sold and leave their mothers before 8 – 12 weeks old or are you leaving that to the discretion of the sellers? Are you making sure the sellers are socializing the puppies before they are sold or are you making sure the buyers meet the sellers before a transaction takes place. Or maybe you check in on the sellers at their homes and places of business on a yearly basis to make sure things are sanitary, the animals in their care of healthy and fit, and they can clearly identify each of their animals through MicroChip or tattoo to prove the age and name of each animal. Are you requiring a standard health certificate in order for these animal sellers to list their animals on your site?

Ebay did take notice of the petition and their GM of the Classified section left a long note on the petition page:
Deepak Thomas
eBay Classifieds’ response to petition
Dear We understand your concerns around the re-homing of animals on eBay Classifieds and we respect opinions and feedback on the subject.
The inherently local nature of eBay Classifieds fosters in-person meetings and offers a safe way to find a new pet. People hoping to find a pet can meet directly with the current pet owner or breeder face-to-face. This personal interaction provides the opportunity for pet seekers to see where the pet comes from and gives shelters and pet sellers the chance to meet the prospective new owner and evaluate whether the new home and family will be a good fit for the animal.
Unlike many other classifieds providers, eBay Classifieds offers consumers a range of educational materials including
pet ownership guidelines that we developed with input from the Humane Society of the United States. To help new pet owners, each pet ad on eBay Classifieds includes a link to these “Responsible Pet Ownership & Adoption” guidelines. Additionally, through a partnership with Petfinder, nearly two-thirds of the pets listed on eBay Classifieds are from shelters.
We do not condone the unethical treatment of animals, and we take measures to identify and block irresponsible breeders from our site. We listen closely to our community for reports of any unhealthy animals being sold by our users. A user who is found to have violated eBay Classifieds’ pet policies will face disciplinary action, including suspension or prohibition from the site.
It is important to eBay Classifieds and to the animal lovers that frequent our site that ethical and legal requirements covering the breeding and sale of pets are followed by our users. In accordance with many state laws, eBay Classifieds prohibits the sale of puppies or kittens under 8 weeks old. Any ad in the pet category that does not comply with applicable laws, including laws set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as well as the Animal Welfare Act will be removed immediately. eBay Classifieds will suspend any user who is found to have a history of non-compliant inspections with the USDA.
We hope eBay Classifieds can be used to find forever homes for animals in all situations.

Thank You,
Deepak Thomas
GM eBay Classifieds US
  Its clear they still don’t get it. So now that the petition has reached 100,000 signatures and with the help of we are asking for another massive push for signatures in order to put more pressure on Ebay to shut down the classified section. Here’s is what you can do along with a blog post. (Leave the link to your new Blog Post in the comment section so I can pass them along to the Editor over at that I work with so you will be mentioned in their post)

On Monday July 18th
1) Tweet the following: Hey @eBay: 100,000+ people oppose pet sales on @eBayClassifieds? Help #endpuppymills

2) Visit Ebay’s Facebook Fan Page Wall you can even leave the same message or one of your own:
Post/Comment on eBay’s wall ( Be prepared for your comment or post to be deleted by eBay shortly after it goes up. At least that was the way they played it last time around.

3) Send a polite request to eBay Classifieds’ Help Desk and ask them to stop the sale of animals. Be respectful but let them know why you feel it is a horrible practice.
4) I will be on Twitter @Felissahadas starting at 8pm – 9:30pm Eastern Time tweeting with the #endpuppymills hashtag if you would like to join me for an hour and a half please feel free to do so.
I will be doing this also @jealoushe
5. If you have not already done so please sign the petition  "

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