Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Did I Start a Fashion Trend For Archie Comics?

  In case you didn't realize, I love Archie comics.  I especially love Betty and Veronica.  I can relate to both these girls, and in every issue I see things that both Betty and Veronica do that I swear could have been written about me.

  This month I bought a couple of issues before heading to the beach.  These things are perfect beach reading material.  This issue pictured here got me very excited as all I saw on the magazine stand was the zebra print....and if you know me at all, you know I LOVE Zebra print.  Perhaps, I love it a little too much.

  I bought the magazine and didn't think twice about it until I pulled it out at the beach.  Then I got thinking....this Zebra Girl outfit looks mighty familiar....
Remember Hallowe'en...when I wore this?

  I know I said I can relate to Betty and Veronica but this is getting a little ridiculous.  Then I wondered a little more...do you think it's possible that Archie writers got this idea from here?  I have often written about Archie, Betty, and Veronica.  My horse Archie is mentioned almost daily.  My screen name is Veronica Lodge, and I often use their comics on here.  Perhaps one of the writers stumbled upon this blog....could have happened? Maybe I am just dreaming...

  What do you think? :)

Veronica Lodge Out. :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Canterdown Farewell....A Happy Goodbye to an Event I Grew Up At

One of my favourite events said goodbye this year, as they ran their final Horse Trials.  Canterdown is a great place, the owners are fabulous and so friendly and supportive of the local eventing community.  I am really sad to see this come to an end.  Not only because it is such a great place, because I grew up eventing there, because it is the closest event to my place....but also because it is just one of the many events I have seen disappear over the years in my area.  

  It seems like every few years we lose another, and in Eastern Ontario we can not afford to lose much more.  The sad thing about the whole issue is that riders in Eastern Ontario often drive 4 or 5 hours to events on the other side of the province when there is an event running in their neck of the woods the same day.  I can't figure out why.  Maybe they are bored of the courses, maybe they don't like the events, maybe they don't want to compete where they know people.  All I know is that this sort of thing is what hinders attendance and eventually runs an event right out of existence.

  The good thing is that Canterdown will still be open for schooling and clinics.  They are encouraging it's use as a cross country facility.  Thankfully we haven't lost it completely.

  Some candids from the photographer that day:

Before Stadium

After Stadium

A Cute Shot

Another Good One

  This year we had some enormous rainfall which led for some slippery conditions.  My division went early on so thankfully the footing wasn't too bad.  There were a few scary moments later in the day in the stadium ring, which is on grass and on a hilled field.  There was no rain for my dressage test and although there was still tension, we scored a personal best that day, landing 6th after dressage out of 13.

  The cross country looked good, since I had done most of the fences at the novice event I wasn't worried.  They did add a few coop/house type fences though that were a decent size and would give us something new and exciting.  The course;

  Archie was a fantastic ride cross country and we had another clear round.  He scared the crowd by getting over excited towards the second last fence, and going a little sideways before flying over.  People were surprised he went over.  I knew the whole time he was going over, he was just trying to contain himself from launching 20 feet!  We had a vet check after and the vet commented that Archie was very fit and he came back to his resting heart rate after the 5 minute wait.  We were also the lucky ones to be randomly selected for a drug test. YAY!  Good thing Arch is a trakkie, he peed right away for the collection guy.  Results came back a big, fat, negative!  Duh, like I would ever drug my horse!

 By the time our stadium round came it was raining pretty hard.  I have to say the course was really poorly designed, I don't think they had a professional course designer in so that was a bit of a downer.  A lot of people were commenting how there was no flow and sort of just ran in circles around another.  Regardless of the course, it was very slippery and I vowed to trot certain parts of it.  The trotting seemed to be our demise and we took 2 rails, however Archie was much better with no head tossing and no going sideways.  A big improvement for us.  I had switched his bit from the pelham to a mullen mouth happy mouth.  He is happier in this but I still do not have enough brakes.  I need to find a happy medium.  I have begun experimenting with different bits and well see how that goes.

 All in all we ended up 5th, which seems to be our colour this year.  I couldn't be happier with our green ribbon and I couldn't be happier with my boy!  A great final outing at the wonderful Canterdown Horse Trials.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Momma Done Good

  My mom and her mare Ace had their third show of the year last week and scored their personal best in the First Level classes.  She was first and second in the 2 classes and was ecstatic with her improvements her and Ace have made.  She scored a 65.6% and a 64.5% from a tough judge, and had many compliments after her classes.  Ace has been quite the ribbon hound this summer.  Video at the bottom!

  We tried a new braiding method, the tradition button braids which are sewed in.  They were actually super quick and easy to do once you get the idea.  I love the way they look, very classy and traditional.  I have tossed my elastics for good!  My mom did the braids and I sewed them up for her.

 First Level Test 2 video montage;

  Another good outing for the team :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Better Late Than Never....Oakhurst Horse Trials Recap with Video :)

  Since it was about 3 weeks ago I won't go into too much detail but I will say that Archie has been an absolute superstar the last few events. Oakhurst Horse Trials was no exception.

  We had a great dressage test and landed about middle of the pack.  Scores were sort of all over the place and I heard a lot of complaints about the judge, however I thought our score was tough, but fair.  I almost didn't make it into the ring though as I forgot my brand new show gloves at home, and the Farm owner ran over to me before I went in to give me a heads up that judge excused someone earlier for not having gloves on!  She borrowed a pair for me just before I was called in, whew!  Big thank you to Ruth for that save!

We did stadium second and I'm sure by now you know this is my least favourite phase with Archie as we are not all that together in the ring over fences.  Archie was really great this day and I was so excited how well it was going that I almost went off course, almost.....but I managed to realize what I was doing and redirect myself.  That brain lapse cost me 4 penalties, and we had one rail.  I was pretty disappointed in myself but I will not be making that mistake any time again soon!

Patiently waiting...
Cross country was last and by this time of the day I was pretty tired.  We hit the road at 4am and I rode at 3:45 pm.  The day was sweltering and when I was all tacked up and ready someone on course had a nasty fall and there was a long hold.  I don't know how the upper levelers do it when they get held ON course.  I give them credit. Lots of credit.  I was just in the warm up and I feel it really threw us off our focus.  We went back to the trailer and Archie was like...."what ARE we doing??"  When we finally got back on and headed out on course Arch was a bit of a dinkus coming out of the start box.  He was drifting sideways, and after clearing the first fence and he took off and was really playing around and tossing his head.  I brought him right back to a trot and said "hey listen here buddy!".  He was strong throughout the whole course but really a superstar.  It was by far our hardest cross to date and he was bold, and honest. We were clear and had good time...good thing we came back to trot to "check in" a few times lol.

kiss for good luck

  We ended up 11th out of about 20, with the Senior and Open divisions run together, I was 5th in the Open.  Without my bobble we have been placed better but this is eventing...no "what if's" allowed. 

I love my horse.

I also want to say that Oakhurst has done a total rehaul on their facility and it was a great change!  The rings were great, the courses were gorgeous and everything ran very smoothly.

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