Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Archies' Incredibly Unorthadox Jumping Style!

                                                                        Archie loves to FLYY!!

Looking somewhat normal here.

He lands over a stride away from the fences!

There is no liverpool there....silly Archie!

Turning 2'9" oxers into 8 foot wide tables...

But seriously, what a crazy style he has over fences.  We are working on getting a better approach and hitting the right distance.  This is our biggest struggle and we are having one or two rails consistently because of this.  Of course this all ties into him fighting me to the fences and not listening and waiting.  We are working on it and it is slowly but surely improving.  These pictures were taken and used with permission from Cat Hunter at Oakhurst Horse Trials July 31st 2011.

I am getting a kick out of the professional photos I am seeing of us.


  1. He looks like he loves it! :-D What fun!!

  2. Oh my, great job staying with him. He is exuberant!

  3. I don'y know much about horses and jumps but I think he looks beautiful!

  4. That is so unusual! I haven't jumped in ages but I would guess practicing with some small caveletti or rails in front of your jumps at home may help him hit his stride correctly. Good luck!

  5. Placing poles do work well at home, only on the take off side though otherwise he just jumps the entire thing lol. It becomes a problem at shows with no placing poles and increase in excitement. Working on staying relaxed over tiny fences at the moment and experimenting with bitting.

  6. It can certainly be eye-opening to see photos of yourself! Fortunately your equitation looks good ;) Your boy may jump a little funny, but at least he loves his job! Corinna


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