Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Better Late Than Never....Oakhurst Horse Trials Recap with Video :)

  Since it was about 3 weeks ago I won't go into too much detail but I will say that Archie has been an absolute superstar the last few events. Oakhurst Horse Trials was no exception.

  We had a great dressage test and landed about middle of the pack.  Scores were sort of all over the place and I heard a lot of complaints about the judge, however I thought our score was tough, but fair.  I almost didn't make it into the ring though as I forgot my brand new show gloves at home, and the Farm owner ran over to me before I went in to give me a heads up that judge excused someone earlier for not having gloves on!  She borrowed a pair for me just before I was called in, whew!  Big thank you to Ruth for that save!

We did stadium second and I'm sure by now you know this is my least favourite phase with Archie as we are not all that together in the ring over fences.  Archie was really great this day and I was so excited how well it was going that I almost went off course, almost.....but I managed to realize what I was doing and redirect myself.  That brain lapse cost me 4 penalties, and we had one rail.  I was pretty disappointed in myself but I will not be making that mistake any time again soon!

Patiently waiting...
Cross country was last and by this time of the day I was pretty tired.  We hit the road at 4am and I rode at 3:45 pm.  The day was sweltering and when I was all tacked up and ready someone on course had a nasty fall and there was a long hold.  I don't know how the upper levelers do it when they get held ON course.  I give them credit. Lots of credit.  I was just in the warm up and I feel it really threw us off our focus.  We went back to the trailer and Archie was like...."what ARE we doing??"  When we finally got back on and headed out on course Arch was a bit of a dinkus coming out of the start box.  He was drifting sideways, and after clearing the first fence and he took off and was really playing around and tossing his head.  I brought him right back to a trot and said "hey listen here buddy!".  He was strong throughout the whole course but really a superstar.  It was by far our hardest cross to date and he was bold, and honest. We were clear and had good time...good thing we came back to trot to "check in" a few times lol.

kiss for good luck

  We ended up 11th out of about 20, with the Senior and Open divisions run together, I was 5th in the Open.  Without my bobble we have been placed better but this is eventing...no "what if's" allowed. 

I love my horse.

I also want to say that Oakhurst has done a total rehaul on their facility and it was a great change!  The rings were great, the courses were gorgeous and everything ran very smoothly.

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