Sunday, August 28, 2011

Momma Done Good

  My mom and her mare Ace had their third show of the year last week and scored their personal best in the First Level classes.  She was first and second in the 2 classes and was ecstatic with her improvements her and Ace have made.  She scored a 65.6% and a 64.5% from a tough judge, and had many compliments after her classes.  Ace has been quite the ribbon hound this summer.  Video at the bottom!

  We tried a new braiding method, the tradition button braids which are sewed in.  They were actually super quick and easy to do once you get the idea.  I love the way they look, very classy and traditional.  I have tossed my elastics for good!  My mom did the braids and I sewed them up for her.

 First Level Test 2 video montage;

  Another good outing for the team :)


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