Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Worldless Wednesday...Sort of, Not Really. My EQUUS 3D Event Recap.

Groom extraodinaire

  This is Archie and Uncle Jesse keeping cool under our tent at Oakhurst Horse Trials this weekend. (Not really my uncle, my husband but if you have ever seen Full House you'd get the picture!)

 We are all moved and mostly unpacked, that process will surely take a little longer.  More on our move another time.  I still have not recapped my trip to Equus but I will tell you now that it was great!

  I met a fellow eventer who happens to liove around the corner from me and hitched a ride with her and another girl.  It was great being able to go with fellow passionate eventers who are in my age bracket.  Great way to make some new friends.

 It's been a little while since Equus so I will just say that Archie was a very very good boy.  The stadium course was HUGE and I will admit, I was extremely nervous.  I was worried it was too much for him and that I might shake his confidence.  The cross country was also big but I know Archie is a bold cross country horse and wasn't worried about it at all.  There was a tiny bank down that peaked my interest as we've never schooled one.

  We were rushed into the stadium ring and were told to do a quick salut and get on with it.  I think this, coupled with my nerves gave us not the greatest start to our round.  We demolished the first fence and made it around the rest but Archie wasn't in front of my leg and there was a lot of head tossing and drifting going on.  Despite this we managed to get some cute photos.  One lady came up to me after I left the ring and asked if the event was timed.  I said "it is timed yes", she replied "oh, so that's why you were going so fast!".  HA! I just laughed, "um no, my horse is just green and we are working on that!".....yeah that's us.  Causing a commotion everywhere we

Stadium Fence 2

Stadium Fence 6

Happy to be done

 Cross country was a blast!  Archie got a bit strong half way around but was very bold and eager.  We were clean and had great time.  Not too fast, not too slow.  That's good because I was really trying to be slow!


Nicely Over Fence 5

In Control!

  We ended up in 5th place out of about 18 riders.  4 people got elminated in Stadium.  I won a beach towel.  Archie proved himself at the Entry level and we jumped the biggest Entry level stadium course I have EVER seen.  It was a very happy (albeit exhausting) weekend.  I have to thank Uncle Jesse who was a fantabulous groom and supporter.  I couldn't do it without you!

 I of course, have video footage of the whole thing here;

 Oakhurst recap coming up next.....I think I have an event horse on my hands folks!!


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