Monday, September 26, 2011

Ace Goes Back to the Fair!


  2 weekends ago we took Ace to another fair, this time it was the Kingston Fair.  The show was run under the regular Equine Canada rules, unlike the last fair which was run under AQHA rules.  This horse show is very cool as they run it indoors.  They fill the old hockey arena with sand and bring in jumps.  Lots of horsey and non-horsey people watching, and clapping.  A neat atmosphere!

  I took Ace in the hack division first.  There were around 18 horses in the classes.  I switched her regular bit for the rubber straight bar pelham, since she has a tendency to throw her head up and run off when other horses in the ring run up her hind end. She was a superstar and was 6th in the pleasure, 1st in the road hack, and 1st in the show hack.  She was the hack division champion and we won a chair!  The judge was really great; at the end of each class she would explain what she was looking for and why she pinned the class the way she did.  I think that is fabulous.

The loot

  After lunch we did the low hunters, 2'3.  Ace has only done one show over fences (other than cross rails), and really only has jumped this summer.  She was a very good girl and was reserve champion of the low hunters! She is really maturing about her surroundings and is growing out of her spookiness.  She is becoming such a versatile mare.  My mom was very proud that the $80 bucks we won wasn't too bad either....we used our winnings for some good ol' fair poutine for the trailer ride home :)

Here is the video mom was having some "issues" with the zoom....issues being not wearing her lady z glasses and being able to see the large ZOOM button on the top of the camera. LOL, God love her.

The bling

  See you next year at the fair!
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  1. Congratulations! I wish we got prizes like chairs at our shows haha :P

  2. Congratulations! And you are so pretty, wow! :)

  3. Hooray, good for you! Your jumping round looked wonderful!

  4. Congratulations! Nice "bling!" I liked the video, great riding! Oh, tell your Mom she did great!

  5. congrats on the good show placings..even though there wasn't any zoom in the start of video,still enjoyed seeing it.

    btw thanx for following my blog too :)

  6. Interesting blog - why not come and post it with a new Equine Blogging Network called Haynet. We would love to have you there


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