Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mixing Business With Pleasure...


  Last week I took the day off to spend the day with my mom and some insurance company reps.  Sounds very boring right? Wrong!  My moms friend who works for one of the Companies used to ride hunters and exercise racehorses, however she quit riding years and years ago.  My mom offered to take her riding the next time she was in town, so we made plans to go for a nice trail ride.

  Since our horses aren't exactly beginner friendly, and Archie is having a few weeks off to rest after his busy show season, we were lucky enough to be offered to ride my moms other friend Kims horses.  Kim has many lovely Appaloosas who are all impeccibly trained.  I myself got the ride on her pony, Tuffy (who is my  new favorite pony ever!!).  Tuffy is a paint, with two beautiful blue eyes and a typical pony personality.

We were blessed with an absolute gorgeous October day.  The temperatures were in the 20's, it was sunny and warm.  We started off into the woods and through a local conservation pond where they have built embankments you can ride or walk on.

Dixie, 4 year old Appy mare.

Absolutely stunning day!

Very interesteing vegitation around the marsh, I love these ones.

Tuffster into the jungle...
  The first water crossing....Tuffy was great with water, my mom had to unfortunately get her feet wet to get Ace into the creek, but she did go right in with her leading her!

Sun kissed bean field.

Mum and Ace

Approaching a sod farm...oh so tempting!

  This was a steep bank into the water.  My mom led Ace through this also, and almost got run down in the was pretty funny actually.  They made it across unscathed.

Some very Canadian landscape.

Grabbing a snack along the way.

Love at first sight.
3 hours later and still don't want to get off!
  We successfully got the riding bug back into Lindseys life.  She wants to take up weekly riding lessons again.  I guess not ALL work days are bad. :)

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