Monday, October 17, 2011


   I was bored searching around on YouTube the other night and got an idea for another blog.  I have started my second blog, calling it "NeighFlix".  The idea of this blog is just to have a huge library of horsey videos that I like and want to share.  Every day I will post one or two videos relating to absolutely all types of equines.  Competitions, training, funny, inspirational, all disciplines and breeds will be show cased.  I want it to be the sort of the place you go on a daily basis to get a dose of horse videos without having to search around on YouTube, or even worse, get stuck on there for hours like I sometimes do.

 Go on over and check it out, tell your friends!  Also, if you know of any good videos to feature let me know and I share them there.  

 Happy Monday everyone!


  1. great idea look forward to your fav vid picks.

  2. This is very cool! You are always welcome to feature my ancient mare Topaz flirting with our geldings. Who she wishes weren't geldings.

    PS - I never see you post your blog to Twitter, so I never know when you have a new post! *sob*


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