Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ottawa Fall Horse Trials

  The Ottawa Fall Horse Trials happened a few weeks back but I just have not had time to post lately....sad face :( Since it was a few weeks ago I will just share some pics and videos from the day.

   This cute lab was parked next to us....he would come over the minute we opened our cooler.  He was kept in the truck when his owner was riding, were making lunch at this point and he was very sorry he couldn't be over with us.

   The cross country course was cute with a lot of different fences and even a water crossing.  Very exciting as you rarely get water at the entry level.

  The course rode well and was easy for Archie.  Starting to feel a bit boring out there which is always a nice feeling.  We should be able to upgrade to Pre Training next year pending our stadium keeps improving.  We had 2 rails that day, but I was in a new bit that I had only ridden him once before.  I wasn't sure if it would too strong so I didn't ask for too much in the half halts.  I really like this bit and in the last few weeks our stadium has improved greatly as you will see in more recent events.

  Archie did a fabulous test this day and we even had people clapping who were watching.  The judge however thought otherwise and we were 8th after dressage I think.  The judge is a hunter coach from the area, she was looking for a more hunter type horse unfortunately.  At the lower levels I don't find you get the understanding of what dressage is, and the hunter type horses are always placing well even though they are not through.  It can be frustrating.  The good thing was I was very happy with Archie this day.  He stood quietly at the trailer and was very quiet.  His horse show nerves have almost completely escaped him.
Male bonding time.
Best groom a girl could ask for.

 Overall we ended up in 8th out of about 14th, we were 2nd out of the Open riders.  Archie was great and until our dressage scores can improve we won't be able to do much better.  I feel at the entry level it is very hard to be competitive unless you have a stellar dressage horse.  Once you move up the levels the dressage horses tend to be weeded out a bit more.  We have a long promising winter of dressage schooling ahead of us!


  1. Good job. That sure is exciting
    Benny & Lily

  2. Great job with him! Wowsers he is a lot of horse in stadium especially, huh?

  3. yeah...we really struggle with keeping it together versus over riding and ending up going sideways etc. It's an issue with bitting too, too strong makes him throw his head, not enough and I have no brakes. This bit has helped a lot though, our most recent event we had a pretty normal looking round...which is a huge improvement.


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