Thursday, October 13, 2011

We've Come A Long Way Baby - Touch A Rainbow Fall Horse Trials

Much improved style.
  We certainly have made improvements over the summer, from our first event of the year at Touch A Rainbow.  We went back to the show grounds for their fall addition.  Archie has completely changed into a mature show horse, standing quietly by the trailer all day, not sweating or demanding to walk in circles.  A far cry from the shaking sweat out scared beast he was only a few months ago.

  We put in our best dressage test of the year.  I switched him over to a drop noseband and I think he is a lot more comfortable in it.  Although we had a good test (minus our attempt to walk), we got a total crap score.  In fact, the same score we got at the first event of the year.  How that is ever possible I will never know.  Watch both the videos to compare and tell me I'm not crazy in thinking there is a huge 

  Aside from this, Archie was fabulous and jumped clear in both the stadium and cross country.  His stadium was still very energetic but not nearly as explosive as it has been.  It was a big improvement, and it keeps improving every outing which is very promising.  We ended up in 7th out of 15 riders.  The improvement in Archies temperament and confidence at the shows has been uplifting and a huge relief.  I feel like the hard part is over this year.  Just seeing if he can go out and DO it.  Now we know he can, and this winter we are going to train, train, train, and be ready for bigger and better results next year. Go Archie!


  1. He is a cutie! Look forward to reading more about him :)

  2. Seeing these pictures just make me smile!
    It brings back so many memories from when I was a kid watching my best friend ride!
    I love seeing this again!


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