Sunday, October 23, 2011

William After Week 1


  I thought I would do a weekly update of how my new guy William is coming along, so I can look back over the months/years and reflect on what we have done.  If you recall, he looked like this when he first arrived;

Day 1

  Since then he has had his feet done, been wormed a double dose, and I have re-backed him and ridden him a handful of times.  I will talk more about that later, but for now I want to show you the video from the first and only time I went to see William before I got him.

  My friend was the one who gave him to me.  She just has too many horses, and not enough time.  She has quite a few youngsters that need to be started and William was just not on her priority list.  She has backed him but had a few bad happenings and it sort of put him at the bottom of the motivation list.  She starts horses for the track on the side, and with that, a full time job, and her other babies she just didn't feel like she had the ambition to work through Williams issues, so she offered him to me.  I went to see him and took some footage.  Here is the video;

 What you don't see in the video are the first few jumps William took which were ever BIGGER, and he lifted his end end so high he was practically vertical to the ground.  I looked at my friend and said, "HOW do you even ride a jump like that?!" LOL.  What I really liked was his super duper abnormal quiet nature.  He lives outside, has had a few months work on the lounge a few months back but that is it.  He's dragged out of the field, thrown over some 4' fences and thinks nothing of it.  He has a nice natural gait, a great eye for a stride and pace, and of course, his ridiculous carefulness.  You just can't train that type of form over fences.  Needless to say I decided I would take him then and there.

  So he has been here about two weeks and this is what he is looking like now;

Week 2

 Much improved already!  I have video from my first ride on him which I will share on the next update! Going to be a fun winter :)

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