Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy November!

  I spent my Sunday judging a local schooling show, my first time judging!  I will say, it is definitely not an easy job, especially at the lower levels with most of the riders being beginners and having it be their first show.  This was an in house show at a stable not far from my house, with over 30 kids riding!  The lady who runs the place was a big eventer when I was younger.  She gave me a call to see if I would be interested in judging, so I thought I would give it a try.  In the over fences classes, all the riders got to do an unjudged round and I gave them feedback on how to improve their ride.  It ran really well, the weather held out for us, and the kids all seemed to have a great day.  I want to add that all of the schoolies and riders horses were amazingly behaved all day.

At the end of the day they had a costume class, just in time for Hallowe'en!

3 Musketeers

Hula Pony

The Pony JR is actually wearing a grass skirt.

Native American

Pinata!  My favorite

Stunning details

Gypsy girl and pony.

Bride and groom.

Crowd favorite, Icabob Crane

  On Saturday afternoon my friends came over for a hack, and after they left Jesse and I took a walk in the woods with a couple of the dogs.  We have this creepy well hole....we wanted to look down it and see how far it went.  Luckily, it was full of water.  Unluckily, it stunk the high hell.


Somehow my log jump has been turned the wrong way!

Spooky woods! Love it!

Happy Broo Broo in the back of the truck,

  All in all a great Hallowe'en weekend!  Looking forward to a busy November :)


  1. Sounds like a really fun way to enter the world of judging! I can only imagine how hard that must be to judge and score beginners. You want to be fair, but also encouraging. Makes me appreciate the pros.

  2. How fun that you got to judge! That must of been a wonderful experience for you!

  3. sounds fun but a little nerve racking too
    Benny & Lily

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  5. The show looked like it was really good fun for all concerned, competitors and judges!


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