Friday, November 25, 2011

Last Saturday Night...


  TGIS?  Wow, last Saturday night was quite a time.  I say that for a few reasons.  Reason number one being it was the OHTA (Ontario Horse Trials Association) Awards Banquet, and reason number two being that I drank somewhere between 7-10 glasses of both red and white wine and well, the ride home was quite a ride.

  Let me just say that I was really REALLY excited to go to the banquet since I have never been, and also for the fact that I knew I was getting an award but I wasn't sure of what exactly.  I was a little nervous too, since I didn't know anyone else going and I get anxiety in public situations sometimes.  Enter the wine.
  I love wine, I really really love wine.  I drink wine on a regular basis and a bottle is nothing for me to drink on a Friday night and get up Saturday and feel completely fine.  We had 2 bottles of wine on our table and we were sitting alone for the first bit of the the bottles were fair game.  I had several glasses and felt great.  After dinner, they had a presentation by Jessica Phoenix who told her story of her Gold medal experience at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara.  She brought her medals and passed them around all the tables.  They were really heavy!  Jessica is the most amazingly humble woman, and noted that 15 years ago she was winning the Training Junior award at this very banquet and that everyone should be proud of their awards no matter where they are at.  It all has to start somewhere.  So very true.

  The awards came and Archie and I were 3rd overall for the Entry division in Ontario for 2011.  I can't explain how it felt to have some recognition of far we have come this year, and how proud I am of Archie and myself for making it out there this year!  On top of that, we won the top Thoroughbred award for our division and a $100 cheque came with it.  I think I was more excited about this award because of my love for Thoroughbreds and Archie representing the off the track Thoroughbred community.

  Shortly after the awards the dance started, and we headed home.  We drove about 3 hours to the banquet and it was getting late (and I was getting very drunk).  I didn't realize just how drunk I was until I stood up and started walking around.  Good thing we were heading home.  I passed out as soon as we got in the car...but the fun wasn't over.  I woke up about 30 minutes after and spent the entire rest of the ride getting sick in my car.  A nice little celebration present to myself.  I spent the next day comatose in bed.

  The moral of the story is; when celebrations are in order, don't drink 2 bottles of wine simply because they are there waiting to be drank.

Also, if you persevere, you can achieve your goals.

I'm off booze for a while I think :)


  1. Congratulations! It's always a nice feeling to receive recognitions for hard work. Not for the sake of the "pat on the back", but for the realization that it has been worthwhile.

    "...don't drink 2 bottles of wine simply because they are there waiting to be drank." Well, they weren't going to drink themselves, were they? :)

    If you like wine, you should try making spiced wine. I was introduced to it last weekend, and may have a new favorite drink.

  2. Spiced wine?? I must look into this!

  3. Congratulations and speedy hangover recovery to you! (Wait, that was a week ago. You're probably over it by now.) Next time, think of your car.

  4. Oh YOU so ROCK!!! That is perfectly wonderful!! Congrats and you deserve those awards and your Pony!

    The Spiced wine is FABULIOUS!!! We get a spice mix at Trader Joes..usually Sweet Vermouth and a Port mixture sometimes a Sherry...simmer on low on the stove and the whole house is celebrating too!


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