Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Kick - Off ! (Getting in the Spirit :) )

Sooo good lookin'.

  November was absolutely amazing weather wise, and so far we have been very lucky in December too.  My mom and I had a dressage lesson today, and another one tomorrow.  This is a new coach for me (this is my second lesson with her) and she has really changed things for me and Archie already.  Finally, someone who can teach me how to TRAIN my horse to go properly, relax, and be normal, instead of just how to ride him and deal with it!

Archie waiting - impatiently. 

Faking good behaviour.
  Archie was absolutely super and since we are going back tomorrow, we get to make sure what we learnt sticks.  Then I have a months worth of homework to do before she comes down again next month!  My moms horse is going really well also, but she always does!

Learning that half halt is called halft halt - and not half walk, for a reason.

Gorgeous arena.

  After we got home Jesse and took the dogs for a hike in the back trails to pick out my Christmas Tree for the barn.  There are so many cute trees I always see when I'm out hacking and last time I went out I spotted a few that would be really sweet for the barn.  

A man with a purpose. 
Brewster is unimpressed!
Showing his hatred of posing by sticking his tongue out!

  We found some antlers that have dropped off a buck.  He must have lost these to make room for new ones.  We have a lot of deer on our property.  I think they come here to hide from all the hunters :)  I took them home, I want to make something out of them, or put them somewhere...not sure what yet.

a 6 point right there!
He wanted to eat them - not wear them.
 We continued on and found the perfect tree!  Jesse dug it up and also a smaller one for in the house.  These trees were so precious and perfect for Christmas.  I am going to put them in planters and if they survive until spring we are going to plant them in the yard by the house.

The chosen one.
The bling!
  I cut the roots down and put it in a planter with some very good soil.  We'll see what happens over the next little while.

  Once the tree was planted, I took the solar Christmas lights we have hanging by the pool and decorated the tree.  To-da!!

  So - this tree sits outside our barn entrance.  Nothing too elaborate but the solar lights keep it from getting  too scary at night and is helping put me in the Christmas spirit.  I don't want to put anything else on it as it has been really windy and I figure it will all just blow away, meaning I have to spend an hour picking up everything off the yard. It's supposed to be 10 degrees (50 f ) tomorrow and normally we would be about -5 with snow, we need all the help we can get to get in the "mood" for Christmas this year! 

Broo: "WANT!"


  1. A few things!

    Love rambo cooler. Extremely jealous. Those are our eventing colors!

    I am very envious of the indoor as well!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the antlers on the dog. I laughed out loud at those.

    sent in an order for some haynets so I will have some in stock soon. do you know what size you were thinking about? right now i'm doing 10% off 1 net and 15% off 2 or more. my email is let me know :)


  2. Antlers on the dog, YES! Reminds me of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Cute!

  3. You could make dog chews from the antlers! Not sure how to make them . . . I'm guessing you have to boil them. But we've had an antler chew since last February, and it has lasted forever!

  4. Exactly what we's Max from the Grinch! LOL....

    Reagan...I will be looking for 2 of the big size!! Probably after the New Year...

    Im going to look into making those into chews for the dogs...Broo has been showing it off all weekend :)

  5. We LOVE your Christmas tree. We thought the horsie was in a jail suit at first, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. Great! I will get in contact with you then.


  7. I have to admit that the blanket color reminds me of prison garb. LOL!

    It's unusual to find a pair of shed antlers together. They rarely lose them at the same time. Good find!

  8. love that Rambo stable rug!

    and the antlers on your pup :)



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