Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Pet Bloggers Hop - Ho No No Campaign


  From our friends at Two Little Cavaliers;

This year Dogs Trust  the largest dog welfare charity in the UK is launching the “Ho, No, No” campaign, to target Harrods (the same London Department Store that sold Christian the Lion in the 1960′s) to get them to stop selling Christmas Puppies. Dogs Trust is asking supporters to send a FREE* Christmas Card to Harrods to ask them to stop selling puppies at Christmas.
The charity is concerned that the cute fluffy little puppies will fall prey to boredom once the novelty wears off and lives return to normal after the holiday season. It is then left to animal charities the world over to pick up the pieces when Christmas present pups are dumped at shelters.
For over 33 years Dogs Trust has been saying that “A Dog is For Life, Not Just for Christmas” yet so many children and their parents still consider a puppy as a suitable present.
A background video of Christian the lion in his younger years. I am not sure how someone screens a potential adopter of a lion but apparently this was considered due diligence on the part of Harrods. We obviously know the ending of the story and his owners did the right thing for him bringing him to a Sanctuary when he got too big releasing him into a pride and hoping he would be accepted and able to fend for himself. But I am sure most of the exotic animals purchased from Harrods were not as lucky as Christian. And so too those who buy puppies there and decide they no longer want to keep them.

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