Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman We Have Ice...Let's Make Margaritas

  I think we are all experiencing it.  The weirdest weather to hit the winter since that time I moved overseas and forgot winter existed for a moment.  Up here in Ontario (Canada in case you didn't know ;), in my region of Eastern Ontario, the average temperature at this time of year would be around - 6c to -25c at night.  The temperatures we have been experiencing the past few weeks have steadied around 2 to 5 degrees above 0, up to almost 10 degrees (50f).   This is UNHEARD of around these parts.  People are confused, but loving it.  I myself, HATE snow and winter...but like I said before, I can't help but be worried by this warm weather.

 Well, have no fear, the ice is here;

Just the beginning of ice to come...

my car at work...iced over.

The gargoyles were not pleased.

  Trees were down everywhere, most people within a 60 km radius lost power and the roads were a mess.  Lucky for us, my parents are on solar so we had enough power to get us through the night.  Nothing too serious, just a change from our unseasonably warm weather.  That is...until today. There was an insane blizzard, it snowed all day, and we now have almost a foot of fresh snow!  

  I guess winter was coming sooner or later.  The good news is the fields are snow covered so no more ice or mud...and the dogs absolute love playing in it.  It's supposed to go back up above zero next week....the weather is anything but dull this year. :)


  1. But yet people in Canada still deny Global Warming... like really???
    We are getting our crazy storm next week im not looking forward to it at all. Farmers here in Alberta are already extremely worried because with the lack of snow we are highly likely to have a major drought.
    Stay safe, and warm!!

  2. beautiful pictures....butt its freezin
    Benny & Lily

  3. DANG! Here is California we have been in the 60's during the day and the 30's at night (and i thought that was cold haha) :)

  4. Agreed, Global warming is here! Preparing for some crazy weather over the next few years!

  5. Snow we love, ice...not so much.

  6. Stor tävling på bloggen! :)
    var med och tävla om en vindjacka nordic sponsrad av emmishoppen!
    kolla bloggen för mer infomation

    hoppas du vill delta! :)

  7. OMG look at all that ice. I am a fan of snow but not of ice!
    we have had crazy weather here too. One day it is 50 degrees and then the next day it is 20 degrees and snowing, it is just crazy!

  8. Wow! Those were some amazing ice shots!


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