Friday, February 10, 2012

Farm Hunting Turnaround?


  The past few weeks have been a roller coaster for me in my farm search. I told you how we put the offer in on that farm we loved, and then they took the house off the market, which was very heartbreaking for us.  Well, the owners of that farm have found a property they love and called my realtor to see if we are still interested.  Of course we are, but why do they have to toy with my emotions!  

  We had to wait almost 2 weeks to see if they could figure out the financing to put an offer in on the property they want.  It has been a hard 2 weeks waiting!  Then, it finally happened.  I got the e-mail last night saying they have put the offer in on the other property, so they are ready to sell the one I want.  I am going tomorrow morning before my jumping lesson to put another offer in on the farm we want.

  After that, it will be another waiting game to see if the sellers of the other property agree to their offer.  They are certainly lucky getting to call all the shots, it's a rare position to be in when selling and buying.  Especially when you are buying farms.  I will know in approximately 9 days whether or not I will be a new farm owner.  I hope I can keep myself together until then!

  For now, I will just keep dreaming, and visualizing myself sitting by the pool, margaritas in hand, watching the horses graze in the neighbouring pasture...


  1. Good luck! We went through the same thing when we went farm hunting...first house didn't pan out (house was junk but the property was fab), the second house got pulled from the market (blessing in disguise), and the third farm, which we now own, we had to jump through hoops to get because the owner didn't really want to sell - she'd lived here for 35 years and they'd already bought another property. It literally came down to me telling the lawyers *and* the realtors to jump in a lake, and contacting the seller myself. Absolutely nuts and nerve-wracking. But, we got our house - and it was the right one, and the right time!

    Photos ASAP! And I don't know if the closing process is anything like it is in the US, but stay the course...that can be just as frustrating (more??) as the actual hunting itself.

  2. im keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! I hope you get it!

  3. Good luck! Lounging by the pool watching the horses definitely sounds like the life!! :)

  4. Woot Woot! Can't wait for an update!

  5. Ooohhh so exciting! I hope you get the farm!
    The photos are beautiful, especially the first one. . . breathtaking! :)


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