Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh How I Hate My Life Without Internet

  Greetings from my work computer.  Sneaking in some blogger time to say I am still here!  I am waiting for internet at the new farm, and I lost my phone for a while there too.  Luckily, I found my phone but it will still be another week before we have the internet hooked up.  Oh the joys of country life.

  How did we ever survive before the internet?  In reality I really only use it for blogging, reading blogs, and catching up on horse news...but I mean, that is my life right there in a nut shell!

 I have lots of great news to share, and will try and do some minimal updated from my phone until we are set back up.

  I leave you with a view at our new farm "Catori Lane Stables"... Be back soon to bloggin normalcy, miss you all bloggers.

XO Tori

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