Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Full House

 Read em' and weep... 

 Stupidly, after purchasing Liam I continued to peruse the local horse ads.  Facebook being the killer, with so many “Give an OTTB a home” Pages…I was constantly having my will power tested.  I saw a posting for a mare as a giveaway, she was 3, and unraced.  Needed a new home asap.  I figured, what the hell?  I contacted the current owners and arranged a time to see her.  She was 3 hours away but close to where my mom would be showing that weekend so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone.  Go and try the mare and hit my moms show on the way back.  Good plan right?

  She was at a lovely farm that was just holding the Thoroughbreds who were looking for homes after their retirement from the track.  The farm owners daughter works at the track and her and her friend get the unwanted horses and take them here until they can be rehomed.   The mares name was Maggie and she was adorable.  A tiny fine little chestnut mare that was superbly quiet.  We took her in and tacked her up, she didn’t put a foot wrong.  I walked her around the ring and then mounted.  She did an adorable walk/trot and over trot poles.  She was very green but also very very quiet.  A really nice girl, would probably succeed as a hunter.  With a free price tag she was bound to find a great home if I didn't take her.

  There were several other Thoroughbreds there that the owner showed me, and as we went to the last paddock....there he was.  A BIG beautiful bay with a huge white star shaped of Africa on his forehead.  My heart jumped into my chest.  I got that feeling….uh oh…I know that feeling.  Horse Love At First Sight.  I got that with Archie, and here I am again with this beautiful creature staring at me and all I can think is I need this horse in my life.

  I go in and take a closer look.  She tells me he is 4 and that he was a great racehorse but he has a terrible crack in his foot that they are not sure can be repaired.  I take a close look, it is bad.  It runs from his coronet band to the bottom.  He has two shoes on barely hanging there.  He was just delivered to the farm recently and was in desperate need of some foot TLC.  On closer observation, it appears he also has a bowed tendon. UGH, why!  He appears sound, which is kind of astonishing with his foot.  I take a mental image and tell her I will be in touch if I want either one.  Then the internal debate begins...

  I heard from his track groom (the girl who took him from the track and owns him) that he did indeed have a bow.  It was only a month old and that he was never lame on it.  She said it was barely there in racing terms.  I felt a little better, most bows cause severe lameness for quite some time.  I did a lot of reading about hoof cracks and bowed tendons.  I decided I am crazy because despite all this I knew this horse was going to come and be a part of Catori Lane.  He just belonged with me.

  A few weeks later we went to pick him up.  I named him Parker, it just seemed to fit.  My friend had actually taken Maggie so we travelled together and loaded them up.  They both walked right on the trailer and seemed to handle the 3 hour journey well.  Parker came home and fit right into the herd.  I had the farrier out and we have done some extensive repairs on his foot and it is looking much better.  There is hope that we can get his foot to grow out normally.  Regardless, he is completely sound.

I plan on giving Parker time off until next summer when I can ensure his feet and his tendon are %100.  There is no rush for me.  He is such a big handsome boy and has the loveliest trot.  I am really excited to ride him someday, although the wait is kind of killing me! Hopefully he will be another eventer in my barn.  In the meantime, he just enjoys his day on the farm with the other boys, and his nightly pampering in his stall. 

That is the final horse to join our family, Oil Be Clever.  I know...I'm a sucker for a long face.

  It just so happens that the lady who raised Parker has contacted me and would like to arrange a visit.  Excellent, I love meeting the people who have been involved in my horses lives.  Bonus...we have become Facebook friends and with this I have access to all of his baby pictures!!!  Something I never get to experience...sooo excited.  I will definitely be sharing those adorable moments in the future!


  1. Full house is no joke! He looks like he will be so much fun!

  2. Parker is gorgeous! Congratulations on your new addition!

  3. Parker is sooo handsome! You are really filling up your new farm. I am very happy for you!

  4. This is too funny. I've followed your blog for a while, so I started to read this latest post. Saw the photo....wow, that looks like Billy! Then...wow, that *sounds* like Billy! Wait! It *is* Billy! Haha! Now, of course, known as Parker!

    Looking forward to making time to visit! Shall I just put the reams of baby pics on a DVD? hehe

    Oh, and how about a nice mare to add to the herd, haha....

  5. Awww....thank you for taking in Billy/Parker. We friends of Linda's have been watching him since he was born. So glad to know he has found his special home.

  6. We <3 Parker/Billy - and are SO excited about his new home and future!! Especially because we can be virtual flies on the wall!!! Signed, another friend of Linda's

  7. He is beautiful. The foot looks bad, but should heal with proper care.

  8. Linda...I can't even believe this...the world is such an amazing place sometimes! Like actually has blown my mind lol

    I'm so happy Billy/Parkers friends can now follow along on his journey with me. He is such a lucky boy to have been loved by so many people!

    I would love a DVD of baby pics lol Thank you so much everyone for stopping by and reading!

  9. He's cute. Hope his foot grows out and he is 100% in no time :)


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