Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Liam

 Right before we moved, while we still at my parents, I came across an ad in the local horse classifieds.  I know, why even torture yourself looking at those.  Well that was my first mistake.  I saw this picture of an adorable little Appaloosa weanling.  Exact picture is here;

Liams sale ad....adorable!!

 You probably don’t know this, but I LOVE Appaloosas.  My first event pony was an Appy mare and she was an absolute superstar.  I started on an Appy when I first took riding lessons.  I have been obsessed with them ever since.  Their even temperaments, reliable coolness, perfect form and boldness over fences, and of course the best part – the spots.

  I decided at that moment that this little man would be the perfect little pasture pal for William and Archie. 2 is a good number of horses but 3 is better.  That way if one leaves the property the other is not alone.  I figured a baby would be ideal because they are less work and cheap to feed.  Well, so I THOUGHT.

  This little guy had already been to a show as a weanling.  He is a registered Appy and showed on the Appy circuit here in the weanling on the line and won his class.  He had already been bathed, clipped, trailered, stayed overnight, and competed on the line before he was a yearling.  You can’t really beat that for experience.  When I went to check him out he was an adorable little gentleman.  He had excellent ground manners and led very well.  You could pick up all his feet and do pretty much anything with him.  He was already almost 14 hands and destined to be a big boy.  I was smitten.

I knew I had to have this little Appy man and arranged to buy him.  I went back several weeks later and picked him up with my friend (thanks Dana for trailering!).  He walked right on the trailer and didn’t move an inch on his entire journey.  We got him home to my parents and he settled in well.  Such an easy going attitude, I was really pleased with his demeanor.

The first few days he was home...
  Once we moved to the farm the three boys came with us.  They all seemed very pleased to be in their new home and were loving some good runs around the field.  Liam had grown almost a full hand since I had got him and was starting to be quite boisterous with the other two boys.  One morning, I looked out my window while getting dressed for work to see the three of them galloping full tilt towards the front fenceline.  This does not look good.  Archie and William hailed to a halt and Liam was stuck between the two.  With no where to turn as he feared the other two big boys, he went for it and leapt over the 5’ fence in front of him from a halt.  Problem is, he didn’t *quite* clear the fence with his hind end and ended up hanging from his hips off of it.

  I bee lined it outside and had to MacGyver the fence apart to free him.  The entire time he stood absolutely still and even managed to graze while his legs dangled freely.  What a horse.  This was the first but would not be last of Liams adventures.  He jumped into the neighbours field with his goats a few months later and cut his leg apart something awful.  Since he is a such a good boy to be handled, I was able to clean it and wrap it twice a day and it has completely healed up %100.

  He is the epitome of an Appy yearling.  Smart, quiet, well mannered, and a total shit disturber.  Big things in this guys future.

Happy Monday!


  1. Congrats on your new guy! What a cutie!!
    Glad he healed up, what a scare!

  2. glad that he healed up well must have been scary! He's a very cute guy and I hope you have fun with him :)

  3. My mare has a scar on her left rear leg from jumping a fence as a yearling. I used to be scared she would jump out of her stall - since the stalls have dutch doors.

    Super cute guy! Have fun with him :)

  4. Wow, you are just filling up your farm! How cool is that! Liam looks like he is gonna be a handful, but an enjoyable one! Enjoy!

  5. He's so cute! Got to love Appies. Consider registering him with App Sport Horse Association? Love seeing the spots in action.

  6. He is adorable. Congrats on the new addition :)


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