Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm on Ace on the left.
  My horsey friends and I have this ongoing joke.  We call ourselves, Team Tyendinaga Eventing.  Sounds normal enough right?  Well, Tyendinaga is the area near us all, that is a Native Reserve.  It is what I call "mini Las Vegas".   It is known as one of the "richer" reserves in Canada.  In Tyendinaga you can find big neon signs, cheap gas, bags of smokes, and lots of supped up beaters.  I truly mean no offence to the Native people of Tyendinaga.  I like the Natives, hell, my Great Grandmother was supposedly some famous Native woman.  I named my farm the Native word for Spirit; "Catori".   One of the founding members of TTE studies Native culture and works with Child Services within Native Communities.  This is not meant as anything derogatory towards the local Natives, just a laugh we have at our own expense when we compare ourselves to the rich amateurs and pros we see out eventing every weekend.  We belong, in Tyendinaga.

  We ride $1000 or free horses.  

  Our tack doesn't match.

 Our horses wear ripped and tattered blankets over their new blankets to protect them.

 We never stable over causing us to get up at 2:30 am in order to make it on time, since we can't afford hotels or horse sitters.

  We drive in trucks that squeak with dents in the side.  They need repairs on a daily basis. 

 We train with each other, catching lessons where we can.

 We drink beer after cross country.

drinkin a beer

 We wear the wrong number to cross country and get yelled at by Olympic riders.

  We are the talk of the horse show along the guard rails.

  We fall off when we should still be in the tack.

  We get lost on the way to clinics and show up an hour late.

....the list goes on.  

BUT, and there is a BIG BUT.

  Our horses are unbelievably healthy and happy.

  Our horses are amazingly talented and envied.

  Our horses win year end awards and dazzle spectators.

  We work hard, we play harder.

And most importantly,


Team Tyendinaga is not just a saying, it's a way of life.

 I leave you with TTE schooling this summer.  Plenty more videos to come this winter....



  1. I love it! You guys all look amazing!

  2. So enjoyed this! And all the horses look like they love it as much as their ladies do :)

  3. Love this post, yes all that matters is that your horses are happy and healthy and you kick as much ass as possible :P

  4. Bully for you! Happy and healthy horses and women is what counts!!! Go TTE!

  5. Great post! Sounds like you guys have a blast!

  6. Seems like the crowd I would want to ride with FOR SURE :)

  7. Awww, I'd ask if we could join...but that whole winning part, employer does not seem to get that I don't have time to GO to work, I need to train my horse!! Meanies. Great post, though, and fantastic to have great eventing buddies & facilities nearby!!


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