Sunday, December 9, 2012

Times Change, People Change, And Some Things..

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  ...remain the same.  Growing up I was definitely a "partier".  In ways, I still am.  I love to drink and kick back with my friends, dance, have a laugh.  But the occasions are different and the premise has changed.  Where I used to hit the bars and stay out all night, I now enjoy a bottle of wine over conversation.  In the past the fun was had in the club, meeting people and dancing.  Doing shots and running around town on hot summer nights.  Now, I cherish the hours that come before the bars even open.  There are nights that my friends and I will plan to go out but we end up staying in talking and laughing instead.  I have more fun now than I ever had.  I never thought that I would possibly find that fun with age when I was a younger woman.  I certainly didn't think I would be in bed by 10:30 on Friday and Saturday nights.

  Back then I thought I would never change.  I thought I would always love a night on the town, no matter where I was in life.  If I went back in time and told myself how I would be now, I wouldn't have believed it.  The truth is, I just enjoy being home and low key these days.  I plan to do things then change my mind when the time comes because honestly, I have just turned into a big homebody.  I like it.  I don't want to leave my comfy cozy homestead.

  I still love to travel, but I think my trips and destinations are going to be places I really want to see, trips that are worth the time and money.  I no longer want to drive across the province for a weekend just for fun.  I think about it...then realize I would way rather spend the time at home, on my farm, with my animals.  Not much seems more tantalizing than that these days.  Have I become a boring old married woman??  Could this be true??  I don't even care.  I have never had a satisfaction as good in my life as the kind I get from farm ownership.  

  I find it so interesting how certain aspects of you can change SO much, yet others can stay the same throughout the years.  The horses have always been there.  I may not have been as dedicated in my late teens and early twenties, but I never stopped dreaming.  It took time for me to find the right path, but I did find it.  I am now where I always wanted to be.  There were times when I wouldn't have even known this was what I wanted, but I now know it was.  My love of dogs has been with me as long as I can remember.  Always a best friend, by my side, cuddling with me at night, keeping me alive when I was 16 and thought I would die from a broken heart.  Coming to parties with me in my twenties, cruising the streets for cute guys in my beloved Integra. My love for them has always been there.

Love of my life.

  I love all the same music and movies I have always loved.  I may have grown my tastes to include new things, but they have not changed.  I still sign at the top of my lungs and dance around my house on a daily basis.  My husband thinks I am quite the weirdo. My love of creativity, writing, cars and adventure is still here.  I have friends that have come and gone, and some that have always been there.  We have all grown up and - changed but stayed the same - together.  

 Is it all part of growing up?  Do we all change how we love to spend our free time eventually?  Am I just one of a few, or is there a large group of us who become homebodies as we find our place in life?  Life is such an interesting journey.  I am currently enjoying that journey, looking out my living room window.  With no plans on leaving, any time soon.  :)


  1. I totally agree! I feel like an old married woman and I love it! I love being home with my dogs and hardly ever want to leave my house, but to go to the barn. I do get out with friends and family, but given a choice, I chose home or barn :)

  2. Woof! Woof! That's great! As one grow and matures things changes ... change for the good. Embraced it! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Yes, the ponies are most definitely a constant. Great reflection.

  4. I find that I am just to tired from everything going on during the day (work, family, horse) to live it up at night ha!

  5. When I was 18 and just got out of high school, I was into the late night bar scene and hanging out (I never drank). Nothing to offend anyone, but the people I was with were a little too hard core partiers than I thought (one night stands, etc). And I'm not into that stuff, I just like the fun social aspect of it and the line dancing. I wasn't into it for the guys and I realized that my friends were. They would complain that they always end up dating jerks, yet they go to the same place to get them! I quickly got out of that phase (in a couple months lol) and focused on my college. I would rather stay at home and hang out at the barn.

  6. Welcome to the Goodlife! I guess I have been a homebody for a long time now but then I have always made myself a comfortable nest.
    Dorothy had it right...there's no place like home!

  7. Still love the night life but more then anything I love to sleeeeeppppp.


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